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A break from studies, a break from getting up early and getting ready for school, break form test fears and assignment pressures. Yes, the most awaited time of the year has come for students- summer vacations


Students make plans for things to be done during vacations, the whole year round, but most of them land up doing nothing when the time actually comes. Half the vacations go wasted in deciding what to do, and when it is decided, the time had already run out.

So this summer let me help you with making plans so that you make the best utilisation of this time.

Break from studies but not learning

First of all, you need to understand, that vacations may be a break from studies, but as far as the learning is concerned, no breaks are allowed. Your plans should take this point into utmost consideration.

Be it a plan for  a trip to some hill station, or a plan for a stay at Nani’s place, you will always find things that can add to either to your general knowledge, or value system, or both.

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If, it is a trip plan then I would suggest you to make a detailed itinerary of places to be visited. You can google them out in advance and make a list of places along with pictures and time to be spent there and things to be done thenA scrap book can be a good idea.  You can leave spaces in your scarp book in front of the pictures of the places to write your experience there later. You can also keep a space to fix the picture of you and your family or friends, of your most memorable moment. This will help you remember things better. Experts say that if you attach an emotional aspect to the things you want to remember, you remember it fifteen times better.

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If, it is grandparents’ then it is advisable to keep a diary to note down the beautiful experiences, sayings or stories that your grandparents share with you. These can be of great importance at some point of time in your life.

It is good to gather experience from others than by age!!

Nurture a hobby

People who practice their hobbies, live longer and happier and students who pursue their hobbies perform better than others in academics.


Hobbies play an important role in developing a student’s personality. A person may become like a machine if he does his routine work throughout the day. He may lose interest in his work or feel bored of it.

Who does not know the famous saying ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’, so every person should have a hobby to keep himself active physically as well as mentally.

It may sometimes be difficult to recognize your hobby.

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Remember, all your hobbies are your things of interest but your all things of interest may not be your hobbies.

To recognise the one you can start with an exercise.


1. Make a list of things 10 that grab your interest. It may be singing, writing, reading, listening music, gardening, cooking etc.

Doing this think about what you value most. For instance, maybe you could volunteer at a library as a hobby because you value education, or maybe you could take up painting because you admire people who can express themselves with art.

2. People sometimes shy off when they find that their thing of interest is eating, or relaxing. How can this be a hobby?

Why not?? Of course, even relaxing can be a hobby, or even eating, just when analysed and put to practice properly. You can try building and following good diet plan this summer if, which is both a healthy and yummy, if you love eating.

And you can start doing yoga if you love relaxing.

3.Now when you have a list of things that you love to do, cross out the ones that you think you can’t do for more than 7 days. Now, you will be left out with 2 or 3 only, start doing them, in day or few you will end up doing one. You can either practice this on your own or even join a related hobby class to add professionalism.

If not even one is left, then go out for an outing with friends, I am sure this you can do with greatest ease J

But remember, to be an observant even then, because your learning process should never end.

Spend quality time with family

Last but not the least; try spending time with your family. Share your good and bad moments with them and listen to theirs.

You may be amazed, how this vacation helped you know and learn things that you could not even expected.

So, I hope that these few guidelines will help you well spend your holidays.

Not to forget, its vacation time not just for students, but also for the teachers. The above practices hold the same good for you too teachers.

Go ahead and enjoy now

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