#Slap Popcorn with a Tangy-Spicy Sexist twist

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#Slap Popcorn with a Tangy-Spicy Sexist twist

Here’s introducing to you all the Super Light American Popcorn which has taken over markets by its super attractive name #SLAP Popcorn. says, “A New battle-ground is set for the snacking heroes to rise again with the new popcorn brand in the market which is #SLAP (Super Light American popcorn). One can instantly fall in love with its metallic packaging especially the comic book lovers because they have some really cool superhero on the packs.”


True, it is a super shiny package with superheroes. But it seems like most of the food blogs have missed the point that the packages are very Sexist.

#Slap Popcorn failing in the area of non-sexual presentation?

Munching the popcorn really made me appreciate the quality and taste of the product. Yet, the moment I looked closely into its packaging I caught something fishy.  Disclaimer: No fish in the popcorn, just something fishy.

Chilli storm, Mango punch, Peri Fire, Salty sweet, sour cream and classic butter are the delectable flavours in which the popcorn is available. Kudos to their creativity for bringing in superheroes in the presentation of the product. That’s a big tick in their marketing mix but it fails in terms of non-sexual presentation.

The Peri Fire packet has a woman in a very sexual pose. It also reads “I am FIRE!!! People of earth. Prepare yourselves for some spicy action, as I force your greatest superheroes into submission!” The Salty sweet one is also no different. It reads “I am salty sweet kiss! Bad guys beware! I swiftly smoke my enemies into oblivion in every kombat.” The classic butter had a picture which was too entangled to understand it but it was everything sexual. It read “Hey! It’s Bella!!! It was great seeing you last night. We should do that again, but next time I’ll show you MY galaxy.”

Male superheroes #Slap Popcorn packages have words of praise and valour!


This was the case only with these three flavours because the other three had superheroes as the main character and it was filled with valour messages. For instance, one read “I lash out storms of spicy chilli and DOOM even the mightiest foe!”

It had nothing seductive, sexual or anything that talks about men’s sexuality. But the women superheroes’ messages were filled with nothing but sexually pleasing images and texts.

Such sexist images and texts are unpleasant and should be totally avoided if possible. Always reducing a woman to an object is no way to promote one’s brand or product. Be it any brand or product, sexism should be avoided.

Popcorn has nothing to do with such messages. It’s such a flexible product which needs no intensive promotion. Companies and brand should be sensitive towards such texts as these have a great impact on people. Corporate social responsibility can be fulfilled in such ways as well. Promoting messages of equality among the sexes is the need of the hour.

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Reshma is an intern with SheThePeople.TV

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