Should women leave For Mars? Earth definitely is not the Right Place

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We are all aware of the phrase “Bura na mano, Holi mano!” Issues of wastage of water and the general flinging of water balloons has been quite under the radar. Some enjoy it while some don’t. The whole rash of throwing at random people on the streets is silly and senseless. Water balloons flinging is still accepted and ignored by people. Some naughty ones also mix sand and leaves to the balloons. Now, there is a new progress. A progress of having semen-filled balloons thrown at people. Couple of days back, a student from Lady Shri Ram College for Women was thrown a semen-filled balloon while returning back to her place via Amar Colony.


Belonging to the same space and as someone who heard the news as soon as it happened, I was in a state of shock. When I first heard it, I thought it was a ‘Cement Balloon.’ Being an ardent opposer of the balloon flinging drama, my thoughts on the cement balloon was furious. But later when I came to know that it was semen, I was sculptured.

It has unfortunately not sunk in yet. My first question is why? Why would anyone do that? I asked a couple of friends, if men don’t have anything productive to do?

Imagine the person masturbating, collecting the liquids, filling it in balloons and then throwing it on a woman? Bizarre. Which rational human being would do that?

Women’s safety is running down the drain. Nobody seems to care and understand. If such incidents happen, then how can we step out after going through such disgust every day. How will our parents let us go out at night if men can throw semen at us in daylight? What did that boy want to prove? All these questions haunt me and will haunt every girl.

This act is not fun.

This clearly is not funny and done for a joke. It is indicative of men’s attitude. Before I proceed, we do know that #Notallmen but come on everyday news of trolling, abuse, threats and forced intercourse, what are we left with? Even in a marriage, it’s essential for men to ask if a woman wants the semen inside her. I am not being too radical here but hey! We are the ones who will bear the child if we get impregnated. We do get to decide if we want to have it or not. Even in relationships, a woman needs to be consulted but this case honestly makes me dizzy.


Are women dolls to take it all and be quiet? We are human beings with emotions. What’s up with showing off your dangling part, rubbing them or flinging the liquid out at us? I don’t seem to have the answer to the question and I’m pretty sure nobody does too.

The ordeal that the girl had to go through is so clearly portrayed in her message. Every girl writes about her ordeal but why don’t men understand?

I’m pretty sure that not an old man would have been playing Holi with balloons. It must have been a boy who is probably in school or college. How can a teen think of even doing something like this?

News these days are definitely quite new to all of us. A school student threatens his teacher and her daughter with rape. Another boy asks the teacher out for candlelight dinner and sex. What’s happening? I tremble as I write this down. The world is proving every day that it is not a safe and dignified place for women. Now should we talk to Elon Musk and ask him to let us be the first passengers to Mars? What are we supposed to do?

I’m left with these mind-boggling and terrifying thoughts. All of us have been constantly reiterating that it’s time to pause, think and act. But none of us seem to be doing it.

Women don’t need empowerment, it’s men who need emancipation and empowerment.


Think about it and let us know of the pressing questions that you have.

Reshma Ganeshbabu is an intern with SheThePeople.TV

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