My guilt is quite enduring. It runs daily marathons over an extensive list of ‘have to’s.’

  • I have to wake up before my husband, and show him my love with a hot cup of tea. #Snoring #ShameBurn
  • I have to maintain my home sparkling clean, because a woman’s true qualities are only reflected in a pot’s steel. #FunfairMirrorLook
  • I have to wear impeccable hair, and my skin must shine! #SkinnyHair
  • I have to be batter or better, fire or higher, border or broader, Harper or sharper, hopp-ier or happier… #DictionaryCrisis

I have to… I have to…

Although, mastering its competition with time, my guilt sometimes breathes out of power and falls flat on the running track. It rises the next moment and hits back on the messy wardroad (sorry, wardrobe!) I will hardly ever find time to rearrange. It gains the oxygen boost seeing the waving mob of ‘have-it-all’ achievers. It gets fuelled with shout-outs from stands: “You are a woman! You are a born multitasker!” It gets a second wind running another kilometer of endless happy smiling Faces of friends with pinky kids and chubby husbands as a sweet background to their FACEbook. My guilt’s heartbeat is always rushing, it is there before me. It is the first to cross the finish line. My guilt has THAT triumphant spirit that can lead me to success. My guilt can make me a winner, if…

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 If I accept it as my closest partner in this mischief! Mind it, the equal partner, not the chief! If I say to myself that it is normal to come home later than other family members. It is ok to keep a deaf ear to the alarm clock. It is absolutely ok to mismanage! In the end, I haven’t been born to draw within the line!

Yes, guilt is my partner! It takes me closer to success…day by mismanaged day.

With guilt as a partner, I just try a little harder, I run a little faster, I smile a little brighter. With guilt as a partner, I am in competition with myself.

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I get along well with my guilt; hence, it helps me care. It steers me towards the people and the things that I really treasure. I cherish my husband. I hold my home dear.

Guilty and Successful are the newly established synonyms. Feeling guilty is a positive sign. It means that you are still alive. You are not a mean machine to digest the world with the acid of your ambitions. You are weaker than you want to be. And it is for the better. #StayHuman

My guilt can make me a winner, if

  • If I become more compassionate towards myself, towards my team that always heads to overheads, towards the world, in general.
  • If I become foresight fully blind towards tomorrow and start living and feeling the present moment. For the Future lies in the Now.  And, the Future tells lies in the Now.
  • If I become silently audible to the self only, if I become louder than the buzzing of their voices who judge to hide their own crimes.

My guilt can lead me to success, if I love myself more than success.

Picture Credit: Ad Week