Protest Still On. Celebs React To Bangalore’s #NewYearHorror

Celebs Speak Out Against Bangalore Event

Since the day Bangalore witnessed the horrific New Year’s Eve mass molestation event, many celebrities have taken to social media to shame the authority’s lack of safety measures.  And when Karnataka’s Home Minister G Parameswara blamed women for their ‘westernized lifestyle,’ the whole nation burst out in rage. “These kinds of things happen,” he said.

Meanwhile, another shocking statement by Samajwadi Party’s Abu Azmi added even more fuel to the fire.

“Aaj modern zamane mein jitni aurat nangi nazar aati hai utna usey fashionable kaha jata hai. (In today’s generation, fashion is how short a woman wears her dress)” Azmi had said, in an interview with ANI.

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The incidents upset actor Akshay Kumar who shared a video online in order to protest against the shameful event.

We completely agree!!

In the video, the Kumar said, “Should I say something, I feel extremely ashamed of being a human. After a good vacation in Cape Town with my family, the moment I was walking out of the airport, I saw this news on the television. I saw the horrendous crime that happened in Bengaluru on New Years eve. I don’t know about you guys, but I felt extremely angry. I am a father to a daughter and even if I wasn’t, I would have still said the same thing. A nation which cannot respect its daughters, doesn’t deserve to be called a human society. ”

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Akshay also shared a message for the girls of India. “Mind you, once the girls of this nation start to speak against all this, you will not be spared. And girls, I have a message for you too. Please do not feel that you are any lesser than the men around you. There are ways and tactics through which you can teach these guys a good lesson. No man in this world will have the balls to touch you. Don’t be scared. Just be alert and learn some martial arts. And the next time someone tells you about your clothing, tell them to mind their own business. Jai Hind.”

Other celebrities also spoke out against the incident:

At a recent event, Aamir Khan raged, “The Bengaluru incident is saddening. We are hurt and ashamed that such a thing happened in our nation. We and every state government have to take the right steps and this should be a continuous process. There is no single solution to this problem.”

And, now the Bengaluru Police Commissioner Praveen Sood has told the BBC, “Thirty seconds of confusion is being projected as a mass molestation”. He claimed  “I categorically say that nothing of that sort has happened.”

This statement does nothing to rectify the authority’s competency!

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While these are just a few of the many angry people from the nation, we’ve certainly reached a point when someone should take charge and responsibility to purify the situation.

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