Ladies, there’s a way to reclaim your smooth and taut skin from wrinkles, even long after you bid adieu to your youth. Even if those wrinkles aren’t on your face, but on your, erm, breasts. Yes, a company has come up with a pillow bra which helps women “fight” cleavage wrinkles. Because clearly, women mustn’t embrace their age and constantly let their physical appearance determine their self-worth. When will we stop demonising aging, a natural process for any and every body, as a repellent of beauty and attractiveness? When will we women learn to look beyond our skin for social validation? Because, frankly if we won’t do it no one else will.


  • An anti-aging company is selling pillow bras to help women “fight” cleavage wrinkles.
  • When will we stop labelling women’s aging bodies as disgusting, something to be ashamed about?
  • Isn’t aging a natural process for every living?
  • Their more to women’s self-worth than smooth taunt skin and its high time we embraced this fact.

Wrinkles is a word that sends shivers of inevitable dread down the spine of all women. We see them as a sign of aging, of fatigue, but we also correlate them to loss of beauty. Why? Because beauty remains a skin-deep notion which is strongly rooted in youth, especially for women.

The product was spotted on Instagram by journalist Olivia Masser, who then shared it on Twitter writing, “What—and I cannot stress this enough—the fuck is going on.” Soon the post caught the attention of the Twitterati, thus sparking a conversation on ageing and how often women end up getting a raw deal in this matter. The same things which make a man look distinguished, such as grey hair, wrinkles etc., are seen as signs of ugliness for and by women. Perhaps it is because youth and physical beauty bring us social relevance, and thus ageing gently pushes us back from the spotlight in somewhat irrelevance. Or that is what we assume.

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How to fight neck and chest wrinkles⠀ The neckline is an essential part of the feminine figure. If you want to keep this area looking elegant and alluring, then this post is for you 😋⠀ Wrinkles on your neck and chest appear during sleep. During the day, your bra supports your chest, reducing the effect of gravity. But at night, many like to take a break from their bra. They forget that their breasts still need support, albeit from a different angle 😉⠀ ⠀ You can prevent and reduce wrinkles on your delicate decoulétage with the Sleep&Glow pillow bra🌸⠀ ⠀ Just put the pillow-bra on and go to bed. It provides breast support, preventing the formation of creases and sleep wrinkles.⠀ ⠀ When you’re young, neck wrinkles may seem unthinkable 🙄 But over time, the skin loses its elasticity (factors such as direct sunlight on the beach and tanning beds only make it worse). The wrinkles start becoming more pronounced and stop smoothing back out.⠀ ⠀ The Sleep&Glow pillow bra works for both prevention and cure. It’s made from high-quality materials and has a sophisticated design, so it’s comfortable to sleep in 😴⠀ ⠀ Some other pluses:⠀ 🔹the outside is made from 100% natural silk and french lace;⠀ 🔹the inside is lined with cotton;⠀ 🔹The filling is of tiny foam balls to ensure air circulation.⠀ 🔹machine wash delicate or hand wash no hotter than 30 °C⠀ #beauty #skincare #product #pillow

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Why must women feel disgusted with their own bodies, simply because they are growing old? Be it crow lines on the face, or cellulite on thighs, or saggy breasts, the course to be charted by our bodies is inevitable. One can delay the process with pillows and potions, but how long will we outrun it? Moreover, why should we? Isn’t there more to our identity than shapely bodies? With so many women over forties reclaiming their space in the social narrative, aging is not a ride into the sunset of public life for women.

This body, with it’s every mushy and creased bit, has given us all that we need to experience our lives and we better respect it for that.

Take actor Lisa Ray , who shut down a troll who tried to age shame her. In response to a young man commented below her selfie with “Too old”, Lisa replied, “You’re right. I’m old. Older than time, my boy. Perhaps you will never grow up in your mind but your body will and it’s a blessing to be wise, a cancer survivor and living my best life at 46. Unshakably secure and happy in my spirit and body. Hope you can experience that one day.”

One hopes that more and more women develop such a vivacious attitude towards the second half of their lives. The wrinkles that we abhor, be it on face or chest, are in fact a sign of a life lived. This body, with its every mushy and creased bit, has given us all that we need to experience our lives and we better respect it for that. It has withstood illness, wear and tear, heartbreaks, motherhood and pain for our sake. The least we can do is take pride in it no matter what.

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