It’s Not Okay To Troll Ajay Devgn’s Daughter, She Is Just Fifteen!

Nysa Devgn trolled

Ajay Devgn’s daughter Nysa got trolled for her airport look, which prompted the actor to take a stand for the sake of his kids. Nysa is just fifteen and had to deal with harsh trolling and body shaming on social media. Her fault? Wearing a dress that netizens didn’t approve of. But it isn’t just her clothes, the internet is littered with distasteful comments against Nysa. Some people have even commented on her skin tone and looks and called her ugly. Had this been an average kid, would people have subjected her to such intense scrutiny? What makes people think that it is okay to be so unkind to a teen, on grounds that she has famous parents?


  • Ajay Devgn asked people to stop judging his children and judge him and his wife instead.
  • Netizens recently shamed fifteen-year-old Nysa for her airport look.
  • It is sad that a parent has to literally plead netizens to leave his kids alone.
  • What kind of people think it is okay to be so mean to a teenager?

Nysa is just fifteen and had to deal with harsh trolling and body shaming on social media.

Addressing the trolls Nysa faced, Devgn said, “Judge me, but don’t judge my kids. Kajol and I are the actors, judge us…it’s because of us, our children are under the spotlight every time,” reported NDTV. He further added, “Honestly speaking, those people don’t really matter. But I feel bad sometimes when my kids go through such harsh trolling.” You cannot help but feel sad for Devgn and his wife, who can do nothing more than request people to leave their kids alone. Such is the curse of being celebrities in times of social media and rampant paparazzi culture.

Grown up celebrities are more equipped to handle such comments (though I don’t even approve of that). They are mature enough to handle the unnecessary criticism coming their way. But to target kids is plain deplorable. What kind of people wake up and think I am going to shame a teen girl for her skin colour, or because she chose to wear that dress to the airport? How dare she behave like a normal teen, despite being fully aware of her lineage? Do these trolls even realise that what they do is a form of bullying? It can leave an everlasting impact on someone as impressionable as a fifteen-year-old girl. Devgn has admitted that his daughter used to get upset about being trolled earlier, but she doesn’t care anymore now. Well, more power to her. But those who made her upset, when she was not ready for all the virtual attention that came her way, you guys need to look hard at yourselves.

The obsession with star kids, what they wear, what they eat or how they look is getting out of hand in our country.

We have made a celebrity out of a toddler star kid. We cannot stop obsessing over what Khan or Kapoor kids wear or do. It comes to a point that their parents have to step in because they get tired of helplessly watching their kids being photographed on every possible occasion, with or without their consent. They have to send their kids to other countries for higher education or obsess over their security all the time.

Nysa’s ordeal proves that people think it is their right to troll a person who remains continuously in public glare. Just because Nysa is Ajay Devgn and Kajol’s daughter, she is a celebrity and thus she automatically incurs mean comments and intense public scrutiny. Is it her fault that her parents are celebrities? Has she asked the paparazzi to photograph her at airports and restaurants? People need to see these star kids as just kids. These are children barely out of school, and they have to plan and execute their every move immaculately, else all hell breaks loose. I don’t think it must be fun to feel anxious about what you are wearing, every time you are going to a restaurant. Or wonder in what pose you may be photographed on your next trip to the airport.

It may be possible that trolling and shaming makes these kids resent their celebrity parents and who they are. And those mindlessly comment on pictures of these kids, commenting on their bodies and clothes, are accountable for that.

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