A regular evening of TV watching with the family changed the focus of Nidhi Bansal’s life. Today, she holds a Guinness World Record for collecting the maximum number of stickers. Nidhi embarked upon this journey in 2007 and finished her first collection in 2012 with 101992 stickers. This secured her place in the Guinness World Record for the Largest Collection of Stickers, 2013. Her sticker collection also found a place in the Limca Book of Records with the 103800 stickers in 2015. Now she has 103800 stickers and holds 12 different Records.

Nidhi Bansal

Making it to the Guinness World Record

Nidhi lives with her family in Bassi Pathana, Fategarh Sahib district. A remote location in Punjab, a state which is infamous for its skewed sex ratio, where often birth of a daughter is not a celebration. What makes Nidhi’s achievement special, Nidhi says it was her father who motivated her to do something different. She is thankful for the unconditional support she has received from her parents and her brother.

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My father is my role model

During an evening of TV watching with my family, my father suggested I should also try and do something to get my name in the Guinness World Record. I started collecting stickers. When I crossed the one lakh mark he told me to apply for the records. It’s big achievement for my father. It’s my father dream.

Overcoming Gender-stereotypes

Talking about the double standards in the society she says, “When I started my sticker collection in 2007 many people told me that I am wasting my time. But after making into the Guinness World Record the same set of people changed their opinion. They said they knew I will achieve something big. So now, I understand people have double standard.”  Nidhi says

 Never think about what people say. Just do your best.

A strong believer of equality between genders, Nidhi wants to uproot the evil of dowry.

She says, “I hate this system. The newspapers and reports dowry death on a regular basis.  When I read these, I feel very angry. I want to stop this bad system.

I would like the youth of the country to come forward and stop this system. Tell your parents it’s a harmful practise. I want people to stop saying. ‘Hum dahej nahi maag rahe,  maa baap apni Beti ko hi toh rahe hai, unki beti ke ache future ke liye.’(We are not asking for dowry. It is out of their own will that the parents are giving their daughter some present.)”

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Giving back to the Society

Nidhi founded Sidhnath Craft N Creations Society recently. Through which she wants to promote art and craft. They organise art appreciation event and workshops and through a YouTube channel share ideas and innovations in art and crafts. Nidhi says, “I belong to town here people are narrow minded. People don’t like art as a profession. I want to create international platform for crafters.  At this time, there are three artisans working with me.

Nidhi Bansal, Paper Swan
Nidhi Bansal, Paper Swan

She also holds a record with RecordSetter.com for the Smallest Paper Swan.

She wants to take her entrepreneurial venture ahead and create and an international platform for art and craft. We wish her good luck.


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