News Reporting Turns Into A Hilarious Video Amidst Lockdown

Here are some of the most hilarious work from home situations which the netizens simply can't get over.

Saumya Tiwari
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Since the outburst of coronavirus, governments and companies all over the world are encouraging their employees to work from home. The decision which excited employees all over the world is now no less than a nightmare for many with noisy kids, demanding family members and not so great WiFi connections being a day-to-day reality. Also, there are plenty of awkward moments which keep happening during video conferencing calls and virtual team meetings, either some funny filter comes up or family members turn up in a compromised situation.


Here are some of the most hilarious work from home situations which the netizens simply can't get over.

Father embarrasses reporter

Latest in line is a video of a reporter named Jessica Lang of Florida who works for Suncoast News Network Tampa was shooting a video in the kitchen when her dad walks in shirtless. She exclaimed “Dad! Holy cr*p” on her dad’s act. This incident and reaction have left all in splits. The footage has more than seven million views, 12,000 comments.

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Other stories

This is not the only work from home story that has amused the netizens. Another video went viral where a female boss turning herself into a potato during a video conference. She couldn’t undo the effects and had to continue the conference like that only.

A similar incident happened to a Church Priest while offering prayers via video. He had unknowingly turned on the "cat feature” and continued with the prayer like that only.

Break from stress


Coronavirus cases around the globe have reached 950,652 with 48,290 deaths and 202,631 recoveries. Many countries have imposed partial to complete lockdown to contain the transmission of the deadly COVID-19. Amidst such crisis, such videos are relief and much-needed distraction. Such videos are a break from stress caused due to the lockdown. Such incidents help people in dealing with the stressful situation. Through commenting and sharing such videos people remain connected and of course they are a good way to kill time.

We bet after the lockdown is over, people will not take ‘working from home’ lightly ever.

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