My journey from being housewife to an astroarchitect!

Neeta-Sinha-ProfileMy journey is not one which began with a dream or a goal. Neither it has any struck of luck kind of moments, yes I have been lucky but I have done my share of hard work given my work all my dedication, passion and compassion. It is a journey which makes me proud and humble. All of this wouldn’t have been possible without all the special people in my life who gave me a chance. This success is a dedication too all those special memories which makes my belief in the miracles of this science even more.

Hailing from a simple Kayasht background, brought up with 9 brothers and sister and me being the youngest. I had many people to look upto. A housewife and mother of 2 young children I had my hands full.


How it all started
I remember it as if it was yesterday. Winter of 1986 we had just shifted to Mumbai, staying in a company accommodation. Suddenly the news broke the company my husband was working in was on a verge of shutdown. New city, we hardly knew anyone around. It was a panic state in our house. At that point of time my son was under the treatment of Dr. L.N. Kusuma (Homeopath and research scientist) for some ailment, I had taken him for his regular visits. He noticed stress on my face and started inquiring. Wondering why he is asking me personal questions I just gave him some hint. He took my birth details and asked me to come visit him again the next day. I was a complete non believer and told him that I do not want to get my horoscope done. But he insisted, since he was very senior and my son’s doctor I couldn’t fight much. So very reluctantly I went there the next day. He predicted three things for me.

1) Your husband will not be without a job even for a single day

2) Your residence will not change

3) His position will improve

Seeing the circumstance I was sure this guy is just bluffing its just not possible. But in less than a month my husbands company was taken over by a bigger company who offered him a better position and we got to keep the same house. All the three things he said all came true!! This enticed my mind so much that I made him my guru the very next day

Defining astro architecture in India is Neeta Sinha

Defining astro architecture in India is Neeta Sinha

Quest to answer the unanswered

It was about a decade later, I had already mastered Astrology, everything was more or less smooth in our lives and we had recently shifted to our own home. Things started slowly becoming bad with my husband. Our relation started becoming sour. Things got so out of control that I decided to part my ways with him. What kept on lingering in my mind was that why it got so bad. Astrologically I knew it was a rough phase but to the point of separation even I couldn’t see. What other force triggered this? It all started after we shifted to this new house. Was it the vaastu? But if it was, then all of us in the same flat having the same vaastu should have the same luck, but that wasn’t the case. Then what was it?


Along with Dr Kusuma we researched about 7000 houses, got the history of each and every house and what we came across that the person staying in the houses had a unique effect on the energy of that place. Same house gave different results for different resident. Thus evolved a path breaking theory ‘Every house has a horoscope’

My first steps as the “some astro-vaastu person

Initially I started helping my friends and few of my astrological clients if I felt that their house is disturbing them. With the immediate improvement in their lives, slowly slowly these friends started referring me to other people and thus my 30 years long journey started. I was a single parent so it was difficult to manage work, home both and visiting unknown people at their places didn’t make it easier. At that time vaastu was famous and predominated by men so I faced lot of hesitation as my science was not the same it didn’t even had a name and to top it all I was a women.

What’s in a name : Giving name to all my clients it was high time I gave me one! My dear friend Dilip Cherian gave the name to my science ‘Astroarchitecture’ – Astrology in architecture and it was perfect

Through the lives of different people

Among many experiences some experience leave a footprint in our hearts and we are never the same again!! I have had the liberty of sharing many such incidences in my life which changed me for better, which made me who I am today.  And I can never thank them enough.

My personal learnings

Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier – Mother Teresa