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An image consultant reflects on why women in India are in dire need of confidence

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It's just another day... Anjali is going through a fashion and health magazine. A feeling of self doubt takes over her thinking brain and she starts to ask herself some questions-


Why don’t I look as beautiful as the models in the magazine?

Why is my hair so dull?

Why can’t I dress as impeccably as them?

Why is my face not as clear as them?

Why...Why and more Whys?

A majority of the women would’ve experienced these thoughts in their subconscious at some point...after all we have all had days when we don’t feel confident about the person we see in the mirror. And now statistics prove it. Recent survey data published by a leading soap brand reveals that over 54% of women globally agree that when it comes to how they look, they are their own worst beauty critic...This equates to a whooping 675 million women around the world. So many women with a low sense of self esteem! A bit shocking if you ask me!

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Why does this happen? As is the case with any disease, it's important to recognize and pay heed to the symptoms first. and in this case the negative thoughts in a way are symptoms. The real disease is the lack of appreciation by not exerting our influence and areas of strength. As adults, deep down, we all wish to fit in and be liked. Lack of this acceptance affects us. It affects our Self Image.

Self Image management is not about wearing fancy clothes or putting on makeup, it’s much deeper; it’s about being good friends with yourself, being nice to our bodies. Even if you wear the best of clothes, put make up or go to a gym but if you are not happy with yourself than you will not look happy from outside as well. “We become what we think”. Our thoughts become our actions. And in a way this is how the whole world responds.

Some tips that can help you in building your Self Image...


1) Meet Yourself often - Meet the person that is sitting deep down within you - who is hard working, who is indeed pretty and amazing. Don’t stop looking at the positive side of you. Value yourself.

2) Self Esteem is based on your thoughts about yourselves. I often meet women who tell me how they wish they could get back to the days when they didn’t had bulging fat, double chin and the list just goes on.... As you read this, I would request you to write down 10 positive qualities about yourself that you admire and like. I know you have more than 10... So your time starts now!

3) Promise yourself that you will spent time with people who help you feel good about yourself

4) Increase the intake of positive thoughts and press the delete button when certain negative thoughts put you down. Try and let those thoughts fade away.

5) Compliment others when you like a quality in them and you would be amazed to see that it has a rebound effect. Great! Sit back and Reward yourself for the small step you have taken by reading this note by being willing to adore your positive qualities and admire the changes you can bring to be the best version of yourself.

Remember as a kid how you used to love your reflections...We need to bring that optimism back in the way we feel about the

way we look.


Nancy writes about Self Image management

Nancy Katyal is the Founder of ThePerfectYou and Image Consultant & Soft Skills Coach. On Twitter as @nancykatyal


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