Mastering The Public Relations World

It’s no doubt that a rapid evolution has taken place within the communications industry during the past decade. We are living in a dynamic and fast paced world where the floodgates of communication are wide open with an endless number of mediums to convey information. Specifically in the arena of Public Relations- the PESO model has been embraced and social media and content marketing are increasing the influence of influencers. In this competitive and challenging environment, how do PR professionals stay on top their game?

Women Entrepreneur

Women Entrepreneur

PR is not just to about broadcasting but engaging consumers with effective storytelling and other forms of creative engagement. In order to be considered competent in today’s industry, it is imperative to keep up with new trends, therefore keeping PR practices flexible. A few pointers to keep in mind for PR professionals or those interested in joining the industry. [Feature Image by Spectrum Comms]

  • Knowledge: It is important to know what is going on in this multifaceted world. Keeping up with worldwide happenings- especially media trends are a must in this interconnected, fast paced and globalised reality that we thrive in. Developing awareness on a holistic level is of utmost importance for a PR professional to be considered competent in the industry. There are no dearth of resources to gain knowledge and awareness in this wired world. Being aware of current media trends will give any PR professional an edge over the rest. As they say, the learning process is a continuous one. It should not stop at any age or at any position in the industry.
  • Impact created by communications: It’s hard to believe but keeping things simple is one of the hardest thing to do. To build strong communications in the PR industry, one must believe in the power of deconstructing an idea in a simplified manner in order for it to be relatable to the audience. Clear thinking and creativity go hand in hand. In this ever evolving era, with customer’s short attention spans, we have to decode to simplify. Gone are the days where the success of a campaign lies in what has gone viral and how many articles have been published. Communication today needs to create an impact in a way that it can showcase a story that is relevant to the society at large.
  • Importance of communication channels: With the expansion of the number of communication channels and the the various roads they can lead to-we need to know and be very specific about where our target audiences lie. It is critical to understand which channel can create the right impact for the brand and what message is being conveyed. It is not just about identifying the medium/channel but knowing the intricacies within that specific medium to best communicate ideas about a brand therefore creating a significant impact on the public. A PR professional should do his research to find out which media medium a client can afford and which one will bring in the most returns in the shortest time. You wouldn’t run a news channel if your research shows that your audience doesn’t read newspapers.
  • Speed: Whether you believe in traditional methods of PR or have adapted the new age PR, a key ingredient to master the game is the turnaround time considering we live in an era where information is exchanged at a very fast pace. PR is an industry where every day is a new one. News that make the headlines today might be irrelevant tomorrow. It’s no secret that the communications industry runs on tight deadlines. In order to create maximum impact one has to be on constant alert and figure out how to accelerate the process while making most of the situation ensuring that the strategy suggested goes best with what’s trending today. With the rise of social media as a 24X7 channel, the role of PR takes on a larger responsibility of listening to consumers and reacting immediately.

Become a sector specialist: The future of PR is going to be specialized. Experts gaining knowledge and specializing in specific sectors will take the lead. It would be a good idea to focus one’s expertise in select sectors rather than spreading yourself thin therefore creating focused knowledge and experience.

– By Tejal Daftary, Founder, Alphabet Media