How Can We Make The Internet A Positive Place

Shakthi Vijishwarya
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Make Internet Positive

Internet!! One word incites so many feelings and meanings. But today, what we associate internet with is negativity. However, is everything you see on internet negative? What about all the inspirational videos? What about the cute animal videos? What about them? Are they negative too? If so, then I would say negative is the new positive.


Every day we come across so many things, art or craft, fitness blogs, fashion or empowering stories on the internet. All of us have Instagram profiles right? Don’t we all follow travel blogs? Food stories? Photographers? All these things are positive. If there is so much positivity around, how can we say the internet is all about negativity.


Just like beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I say, “Negativity or positivity is what we choose to propagate or see.” But, I would be wrong to say that we humans are above negativity. After all, we are highly social animals and are greatly influenced by our social weapons and the internet as far as weapons go, is a big tank.

So, in this case, how can we make the internet positive? Or how can we use the internet positively? First and foremost, we need not stop the hate mails. There is nothing more negative than hate mails, not only are you disrespecting someone’s work, they are also demotivating. For all you know, that person might never showcase his/her talent ever again.

After all, we are highly social animals and are greatly influenced by our social weapons and the Internet as far as weapons go, is a big tank.

The next thing that you have to do is use the internet for a positive cause. The best example for this is, Renee Kujur (who Is a look-alike of popular singer Rihanna),  a dusky model whose life changed when she was featured as Indian Rihanna. That one feature kick started her career and now she has the best of modelling contracts. And last but not the least, follow positive blogs, follow inspirational personalities because as proven by the famous media theorist George Gerbner, media plays a crucial role in influencing your mindset, what you see is what you follow.


So these are some of the ways with which we can achieve “The Positive Internet” and remember, positivity or negativity completely depends upon what you choose to propagate. So, if you see positive, think positive, hear positive, you will stay positive and use the internet positively.

This blog is a part of the Digital Trust Dialogues being held across colleges in India.

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