Life Lessons When You’re Starting Afresh

Work Life Balance

My ninth year of working as a life coach (after 5 years of working as a gynaecologist); this is a great opportunity to look back and reflect on my professional journey so far.

I have been grateful to face many challenges and overcome certain obstacles. The journey has taught many life lessons and these are the top lessons I’ve learned so far.

Comfort zone is not for growth!

Comfort zone is for comfort – as the name indicates itself :). All growth happened only when I stretched myself beyond my comfort zone.

If you’re shy or introvert, go and initiate conversation with complete strangers. If you hate sales, go and persuade someone to like and buy (a product, a service or an idea). If you are nervous about presentations, take the opportunity of public speaking.

All those things that you thought were difficult or felt nervous about, will be in your comfort zone, in no time. And then you stretch yourself further.

Learn to receive criticism!

Who likes to be criticised and proved wrong. But it’s a great skill to receive criticism in a positive stride. Doesn’t matter how good other person’s skill of critiquing is, you can choose how to respond. I definitely learnt this the hard way.

If you can think and introspect what can you learn from the criticism and you would be grateful for them rather than resenting them.

People who learn take criticism happily, no one can stop them from excelling in life.

Listening is the first and most important part of Communication.

When learning and talking about communication, most of the emphasis is given on putting your message across in the most effective way. That surely is important, but a good level of listening is the most important ingredient of the conversation recipe.

Practise listening at deep level, to really understand what other person is saying. You’ll need to drop your own thoughts, assumptions, ideas and insecurities at that time, in order to really listen.

Always keep your word!

If you promise to deliver a project, or provide a certain quality of service or benefit, make sure you deliver on your word; and even better than you promised. This one thing itself will take your personal brand high.

Practically “You are your word.” If you can’t keep up with your word, your credibility is at risk. If due to an unavoidable reason you falter, always apologise and make for it with right actions.

Be aware of your emotions!

Emotions drive humans, the market, the world. Learn to become aware of your own emotions. What are the things that trigger negative emotional states in you, especially anger.

Be aware of your emotions and learn to manage them the best. Emotions are transient, they come and go. Do not react in the heat of emotion, breathe through it and respond with calm demeanour.

Learn how to ask for something you want!

Whether it is guidance, some kind of professional help, a connection or support of any kind. Be clear about what you want, go ahead and ask for it gently. Know, you only get what you ask for.

You might not always get what you ask, but what are the chances to get if you don’t even ask – None. Period.

Let your work show your greatness!

Self-promote but not brag too much about yourself. Let your work do the talking.

It’s always more effective to be listened from a client’s or colleague’s mouth how great you are at your job, rather than your own mouth.

Cultivate Resilience!

Your attitude and love for life will uplift you in times of disappointments, difficulties and adversities. Setbacks are bound to happen, learn to bounce back.

It’s important to be flexible, adapt to situation and have a solution mind-set.

Know in your heart, all situations are temporary; both good ones and bad ones. And the bad ones are actually opportunities, which build your strength, courage and character. Be grateful to them.

Never stop Learning! 

The only constant is change. Not just market, the whole world is changing at bullet speed. Keep up with the speed without losing your balance.

How do you do that? By staying connected to your centre.Move on your pace in learning and growing but keep moving. If you feel overwhelmed, just take rest, charge your batteries and move on with new energy.

Universe has your back!

Never ever forget, Universe has your back. Your job is to do your best only and do it with all your love. Leave the rest to universe; you have been taken care of.

You are an integral part of this universe; and you’re forever supported.

I know life has many amazing lessons in store for us to keep on exploring. Learning is an eternal process as life is. We stop growing when we stop learning.