Digital Medium is a Boon for Women Empowerment

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The emergence of digital infrastructure has aided the media in reaching out to people all over the world. Digital media has also facilitated the process of feedback and feed forwards. Thereby giving its audience an equal right to voice, hence strengthening transparency and democracy.


Digital media is a big boon to women empowerment too. Women’s rights activists have been quick to acknowledge, that it acts as a platform to educate the masses on various issues that concern women and their position in the society.

In recent times social media has more specifically demonstrated its potential for drawing attention to women’s rights issues such as discrimination, gender inequalities and negative stereotypes.

In contrast, many women, particularly in developing countries, still do not have access to these information technologies due to economic and political reasons. However, media through the means of the internet has contributed to the uplifting of women in the society. Thereby empowering feminist with weapons to fight against patriarchy. It has inspired women to utilise social media in order to mobilise public attention on women’s rights and enhance the visibility of issues that often get lost in the mainstream media.

We can observe various issues that are spread across the country and the world through these mediums. Issues such as Triple Talaq, equal pay for equal work, representation of women in political administration, sports opportunities, domestic violence, marital rape are just a few of them. The emergence of the digital medium has led women all over the world unite and recognise each other's problems. The internet has emerged as a platform to voice their common rights.

Today, technology directly impacts women’s development. It has enabled their voice to reach out globally.

Now, there are websites that focus on women empowerment, covering diverse spheres such as health, knowledge, lifestyle, education and more thereby spreading awareness and working toward a more egalitarian society.nIt is clear that the Internet is empowering Indian women with easy access to information. Thus, helping them to make more informed decisions in their day-to-day life. Social Media has become the collective voice of the people.


Everyone starts sharing, tweeting, hashtagging their views and demand for justice. Various pages on different social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. share stories to help garner attention towards women’s rights and various social stigmas related to gender roles. They help build awareness on a global scale. They have mobilized help beyond the national boundaries, from wherever people are willing to volunteer to help the needy. The internet has led women’s voices to expand dramatically. It has united not only women, but other underprivileged genders too.

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Ishita Sharma studies Journalism at  Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi. The views expressed in this column are author's own.

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