Taking A Peek Inside The Home Of A University Student

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College is a new phase of life and everyone feels differently about it. With the newfound independence and responsibility, everyone wants to explore the world and gather new experiences. The value of ‘home’ increases for those who move out of their family homes and start living in hostels and PGs. Let’s take a peek inside the home of a university student to find what are the things they can’t live without.


Reading books help one to experience multiple realities, change his/her perspective. It makes you aware and widens your horizons. Reading books also helps one to kill time during commuting.

College students feel delighted to read books.

Makeup and Skincare products

Everyone wants to look and feel good during their college years. Most college students believe that makeup is a way to express oneself. The idea behind applying it isn’t to impress someone but to rather feel confident in one’s own skin.

Makeup is a tool of self expression

Iron, Straightners, And Curlers

Iron, Straightners and Curlers are products almost every girl owns or has used at some point in her life. Girls love to experiment with their hair and keep changing their looks.

props college

Essential items for a college student


College societies play an integral role in a student’s life. Be it music, art, dance, dramatics or photography one can always find things like musical instruments, watercolours and cameras inside the home of a university student.

guitar college sudent

college societies help students to discover their passion and provide them opportunities to excel at them



A student is incomplete without his/her laptop. Quite contrary to school, a college goer’s life revolves around their laptops. Preparing presentations and completing assignments, studying for exams, all of it is impossible without a laptop. One cannot forget the most essential purpose of a laptop in binge-watching shows on Netflix either. Earphones and headphones are ideal while travelling and even good for studying.

Laptop college student

College students and laptops.


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Portable Power bank

You may never know when your phone runs out of battery especially in college when you are on the go. A backup charger is essential, it would be wise to keep it with you at all times.

Phone power banks so that you can chill and watch movies in the metro.


Stationery Supplies

Study supplies are required to be organised, to make notes and to complete your educational needs. Students’ study tables are full of supplies like notebooks, staplers, highlighters, pen-pencils, post-it flags, and notes and rulers.

study material college

Coursebooks, registers, and notes are found scattered around all over the house during the exam season.

Quick snacks and chai

Readymade food items like chips, biscuits and quick to cook items like Maggie and popcorn are always available at a student’s home. They help students sustain during late-night studies.

Chai is another item college students enjoy, nothing beats the feeling of having a chai during a cold winter evening in a cosy blanket.

snacks college

Eating quick bites in between different classes.

Parties And Friends

University life is famous for its pyjama parties and fests. You will always find some commotion going on in the house of a university student. Along with working hard, the students surely know how to have fun. From parties to group studies, friends surely play an important role in every student’s life.

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Taking A Peek Inside The Home Of A University Student
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