India's college girls react to rape cases, say safety of women remains compromised

Apr 13, 2018 11:58 IST
Daughter Harassed

We are surrounded by the menace of it, looming behind us, lurking over our shoulders, ever present, ever threatening. The monster of rape, one that every Indian woman grows up dodging, escaping, running from. Babies to elderly women, no one is ever safe. The monster walks away. The nightmare of rape never ends. What's inescapable is the stigma that follows. We are surrounded by politicians who making insensitive statements. Rape culture undermines the safety and security of women everywhere. Politics about rape cases further is degrading women.


What do headlines and cases like these do to the psyche of young women in India? How are they coming to terms with the fact that rapes are a reality of their environment.

Mansi, a student of DTTC College is tired of rape turning into political issue where different parties drag it for their own benefits and hardly anyone focusses on the heinous crime. “It is very sad to see that on one hand people are talking about equality of girls and boys and on the other hand they criticize girls for such cases. They must understand that she is not raising her voice for her popularity but for her own safety, for the sake of other girls. Politicization of this sensitive issue ruins their lives.”

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“What can be more inhumane than an 8 months old girl child getting sexually assaulted by a middle age man? Nothing. But, what is happening nowadays that our politicians have started making even these topic of grave concern the matter of propaganda tool, which leaves me worried about our governance and scared about the society I live in,” says Lubna Anjum, a student of Kalindi College.

Young women are abused and raped. Without ruminating about the issue, politicians in our country ponder, making this a tool of their own agendas and propaganda.

Another student Aditi Gupta alleges, “Insensitive statements go hand in hand with some politicians in our country.Respecting and protecting women is what needs to be the concern.”


“Mulayam Singh Yadav said ‘rape ho jata hai galti se’. Such comments are haunting and demeaning to all female citizens of the world. Politics in the country should be responsible for the growth, not for driving rape in the country”, says Shikha Gupta.

And why is the girl blamed? She is blamed for wearing clothes she wants and for saying what she wants. “A lot of times we hear politicians commenting on rape issues. Politicians blame the girl or the western culture. While making certain comments, while defining “Indian culture”, politicians are not expressing or showcasing the reality”, says Kritika Bansal.

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She adds, “They are trying to craft one of their own. They are using another issue as a mediator to fulfill their own agendas.”

“Some sort of political influence is always there. Initially, there was no politics involved in Delhi’s rape case. After that, massive protests.  Definitely, politics in our country has some power. However, politicians are only misusing this power, engraving these issues and making outrageous statements. If politicians have power. Then, they must utilize this power against such criminals who are inhumanely assaulting 4-months old, ” says Kavita Chauvan, a B.Tech graduate.

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