I Want To Have An Affair With Myself

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Do you remember the feeling of falling in love the first time? Do you remember the way your heart fluttered at the mere sight of your beloved? Do you remember how beautiful the rain felt after you fell in love? Everything felt magical and full of joy. Isn’t it? I want to have an affair with myself.

How and why will you fall in love with yourself

Well, I am sure my questions have rekindled some memories within most of you. Many of us might be having those beautiful memories fresh in our hearts but a majority of us are so deeply involved in our day to day life, that we have hidden those thoughts somewhere deep down our system.

A couple of days ago, I met up with an old school friend of mine. We spent a few hours together and chatted just the way we used to in school but what I noticed was that my friend looked sad….really sad. I was naturally concerned about the way I saw her. She said that she was fed up of everything. Fed up of seeing her dull and pale self in the mirror. Fed up of her plump figure. Fed up of the fact that she never looked good in anything she wore. She was basically fed up of her life.

I patiently listened to everything she said and then when I felt that she had finally poured her heart out, I said, “Listen my dear girl, I have an idea.” “Why don’t you have an affair?”

She said, “What…are you out of your mind. I am shocked at the perfect solution you have for all my problems.”

I smiled at her mischeviously and said, “Well, I have a confession to make but I am not too sure if you will be able to accept it.”

She said, ” Okay, go ahead. After your insane idea about me having an affair, I think I am ready to listen to any nonsense from you.”

I smiled and said, “So my dear friend, I am having a secret affair after 15 years of marriage.”

My friend looked extremely shocked and said, “Are you crazy? What made you take such a drastic step in your life? What if your husband or your family get to know about it? By the way, who are you having this affair with?”

“I am in love with myself and you can do the same by falling in love with you.”

She said, “You are seriously crazy. How and why will you fall in love with yourself?”

I sat down holding her hand and said, ” Think back to the time when you first fell in love. You loved everything about the other person. Even their faults were lovable in some way. You accepted the person fully just the way he was. You had no complaints against him and neither did you judge him. Everything about him was perfect to you and you loved him unconditionally. Those are exactly the things that you should apply to yourself. Accept yourself just the way you are i.e with your faults and drawbacks. Simply put, when you love yourself, others will follow and love you too and you will start feeling good about yourself. Why depend on someone to love you when you can love yourself? Your outlook towards life becomes joyful and magical.”

Fed up of seeing her dull and pale self in the mirror. Fed up of her plump figure

I continued as she listened to me intently, “So the question right now is, how to love yourself? Start by creating a five minute routine in front of the mirror everyday. As you look at yourself, focus on your eyes and try connecting with your soul. Look within yourself without judging or criticizing yourself. Change all your thoughts from negative to positive. If you practice this daily, your days will be much happier. I can assure you that you will start feeling so good and happy that you will spread cheer and joy everywhere.”

My friend smiled and said, “Wow, I am really impressed. You have taught me a wonderful lesson today. I have decided to have this secret affair too. Thank you for teaching me the way to fall in love with MYSELF.