I Think #EveryWomanIsALeader – Don’t You?


Like many who grew up in a middle class household, independent, meticulous and ambitious women always surrounded me. I think my family’s legacy have been shaped by these strong women who are an everyday embodiment of values and traditions. The women I was and am surrounded with (my mother, grandmother, sister) are naturally leader like and absolutely masters of managing household duties with their jobs and businesses. They taught me, from a very young age, that for a woman her instincts and emotional intelligence could let her take control of any situation. I would go to the extent of saying that women can manage crisis better than men and their sixth sense can sense danger or a bad situation beforehand making them better prepared to handle it. Especially looking at someone like my mom who has seen many sea changes in times from her childhood to my teenage years, it is her innate leadership that has raised a loving and well-balanced family.

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Looking at women from a man’s perspective, it is arduous for them to understand the way women function. For men it is the need to hour to look closely at how women think and act so that they can why and how they do things differently. Living with strong, decisive women while growing up, I have understood that women have their unique way of making decisions, their personality and their precision while approaching leadership.



The oft-repeated cliché about women being brilliant multi taskers is well, true. I think it’s important to understand why women are good multi taskers. They are so because they can work with others very well yet being able to hold their ground. This combination surely makes them better leaders.


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I think they also do not follow a herd and in doing that they find their own pace of doing work and thus develop a very distinctive style of leadership. They also love new challenges, especially in places where no one has been before or failed to succeed before.

Most women leaders I have been around are persistent and intensely focussed till a job in done perfectly. In that sense they are quite good collaborators and get the best out of people till the job at hand in finished to a high standard.

Women in leadership positions also know a crucial fact, they cannot finish a task alone. This fact makes them demand and manage resources very well. In fact many women do not even begin to take on a task without the right resources. They’d rather be calm than imprudent.

Another aspect about women in leadership is that they can switch roles to become team players if and when it is needed. They understand that the success of the team matters more than individual glory at most times. Women differ in one crucial aspect in that they believe in gaining respect first and worrying about recognition later. In fact enabling others is one of those natural traits that women have which makes them in building teams and create most impact.

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