Work From Home: Declutter Your Desk And Your Head

COVID-19 sick leave

Work from home is not new to me. I have been working from home for close to half a decade now. That is since I first started to work. It gives me an edge to say I may know a thing or two about working from home. It may come off as daunting at first, but now that you’ve got no choice, you have got to be okay with it – the sooner, the better.

I firmly believe when they say – getting up and making your bed sets you up in the right direction for the day. Same goes when it comes to working from home. I have genuinely felt that when my work station is messy, I am constantly irritated, lack ideas and feel deeply demotivated. A tidy work station in a remote corner of your house, away from distractions is half the battle won.

Since I am on the advanced stage of working from home (consider the years as experience) my work station is right next to my bed and it doesn’t bother me at all. For beginners, keep your bed and work station far apart, unless you want to hear sweet nothings from your bed, calling you for quick naps (what a lie!).

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Work Station

Your work station should inspire you to work hard and motivate you towards growth so a clean table with just your everyday necessities is all that you need. I would also recommend a money plant on the desk – they look pretty, are super low-maintenance and a little nature on the table doesn’t hurt anybody, right?

Mobile Phones

Instead of keeping your phone close to your desk, leave it far away in another room and keep a table clock handy. Phones can be a real distraction and since my work requires me to keep my phone close, I still keep it on “do not disturb” mode until I finish a task, then I relish on a few minutes of Instagram. It feels like a prize for finishing a work task every hour or two. It also makes me feel mindful of the priority at hand and not lose sight of work. Also keeping a table clock ensures you can track your hours well without giving in to social media interference. The email can also wait until you are done with an assigned task.

I have genuinely felt that when my work station is messy, I am constantly irritated, lack ideas and feel deeply demotivated.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

Remember to hydrate yourself. It’s absolutely vital to keep a water bottle close so when you feel stuck, you can take a sip break. It is not just refreshing but breaks the chain of thought where you are stuck. Also, now that we’re almost entering peak summers, having a cold bottle of water maybe with some cucumber, lemon and mint cut up (also called detox water) is not a bad idea at all, you agree?

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Tea/Coffee Breaks

Unpopular opinion but I don’t think having umpteen number of coffee breaks is a productive idea at all. Don’t @ me. A mug of coffee at the start of work may be okay to give you that instant rush of caffeine to get through the day but depending on it for constant boost makes you qualified as an addict. And while I am no one to judge, it doesn’t even help in productivity as you think.

These are all the hacks that work for me and now you can ace working from home too. In the times of COVID-19 when mental health has been seriously affected, remember even if some days don’t turn out as productive as you would have desired, just moving forward and doing something matters too. Some days we hustle and some days we dream of hustling, it’s alright!

The views expressed are the author’s own.