Hey Woman, Be Yourself, Love Yourself Unapologetically

Aug 31, 2019 07:29 IST
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From my own experiences in life, I believe that self-respect and having good self-esteem can bring out the best in you.


We often chase people who aren’t bothered about our existence or we try to be with people who consider us to be a burden. We keep begging for their attention until they disappear or rather, we keep texting/calling them even when we are aware of their intentions.

Why? Just because we love them? Or just because we don’t want to lose them?

To all such beautiful souls, let’s stop that! Let’s stop chasing and bothering people aren’t meant to be in our lives.


And that’s where you have to adorn your self-respect. Before you love others and before you try to make others understand you, take some time out and love yourself first. ‘YOU’ are important. It won’t happen overnight. It will take time, maybe months or years. But trust me, once you start believing and loving yourself, you will stop trying to get the attention of undeserving people.

Do not ever risk your dignity by trying to impress the people who do not deserve to belong in your life. At the end of the day, nobody will come and wipe your tears neither will anybody help you to heal your wounds. Some people might be lucky enough to be surrounded by a bunch of faithful friends and family. But remember, everybody has their limit.

To all such beautiful souls, let’s stop that! Let’s stop chasing and bothering people aren’t meant to be in our lives - Self love women!


Be kind to yourself. Accept your flaws, give a pat on your shoulder, and move ahead by loving yourself unconditionally. When you love and accept yourself, the world will recognize you. Stop living life, just to impress people who hardly care for you.

Loving yourself is a challenging process than loving others. But, take baby steps. Instill the confidence in you to accept yourself, no matter what! It’s very common for people to judge you, to put in their opinion about you, but remember, that’s not what you should accomplish.

I am sure if you trust yourself enough, no opinion of others will ever destroy your mental peace. Keeping yourself happy, taking yourself for small solo dates, doing things you love, and so on, will boost your self-respect in many ways.

Put a boundary and bring in more of self-esteem. Remember, be yourself unapologetically!

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