For the longest time we had wondered why a country of a billion people didn’t think Indian women in leadership deserved a place. A place of their own and online. Delighted to share SheThePeople.TV is that venue. It’s the watering hole for women to talk, discuss and debate issues that concern them and their leadership. A platform to connect with each other and share ideas and perspectives on what makes us women smart, successful and engaging people.


If women represent nearly half of the global talent pool it’s evident they too should lead economic and social change from the front. It’s not about gender equality, it’s about human dignity and equality of talent, of merit, of capabilities and of leadership.


In India today women leaders are a select community, one that needs to expand and grow by leaps and bounds. One that deserves to sync themselves to growth curves and learning curves that men have access to. Most corporation boards are either all male or possibly have one or two women in their quest to seem ‘balanced.’ This is going to change. More and more companies are realising the power women bring to factory floors, management boardrooms, team networks and productivity. Indian women will lead more and more. And yes this effort won’t for long be about gender diversity, but about gender equality.


With over 500 million Indian women – leaders, entrepreneurs, activists and believers – set to get online to use internet for their business and networking, we believe SheThePeople.TV will be their platform of choice. People have no time to watch traditional television as life is about links. The digital space is changing the way people consume content. SheThePeople.TV is at the forefront of that change. We are putting together the story of surge in women participation in leadership with the tidal wave of digital.


For us, the Future Is Female.