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Today, with both parents working, it is difficult to bond with their child apart from the usual routine activities. And we know how short-lived a child’s attention span is. They may like something one moment and find it boring the next moment. So to break the monotony and make the child-parent bond stronger, Delhi-based Sonam Upadhyaya came up with Mozartsy.


Mother to a two-and-a-half-old girl, Sonam conceptualized this idea of gaining knowledge through music after she realized that her child was the happiest around musical instruments. “I was really amazed with her interest in musical instruments. That's when I thought of extending this wonderful gift of music to other kids as well. After rigorous research, I crafted a summer workshop for Delhi kids. The first few workshops received tremendous response from parents confirming the growing need for this kind of education,” Sonam told SheThePeople.TV.

Running for over half a decade now and spread across Delhi NCR, Mozartsy provides a stimulating ground for parents and children to bond in a fun way. Over a period of conducting workshops for young kids, Sonam came to the conclusion that children learn better when their parents also participate with them. “The content of the sessions is so involving that not only children, but their parents also wait for our sessions.”

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It also runs Rhapsody for individual guitar and keyboard instruction for all ages. So after completing our workshops, they can enrol for individual instruction as well, Sonam informs us.

“Music helps us to balance our logic and creativity and thus allows the child to absorb any other knowledge better"

For Sonam, music is her life now. “It sharpens my focus and uplifts me. It fuels my creative energies to come up new and unique ideas to enrich my workshops.”


Mozartsy Sonam Upadhyaya playing Guitar

Ask her how it helps in a child's learning and Sonam responds, “Music helps us balance our logic and creativity and thus allows the child to absorb any other knowledge better. Research has proven that music can have a positive impact on children’s learning, including language and literacy skills like vocabulary, comprehension, listening, expression, as well as on social and emotional development, mathematics and pattern-recognition skills, and even ability to plan, guide, and self-regulate behaviour.”

Sonam has designed her program in such a way that “a child never loses attention”. She puts an effort to infuse a lot of variety and interactivity in our sessions to achieve that. “The knowledge about music is wrapped in fun-oriented activities, which keeps them glued to the class. We engage with children throughout the class by way of questions, props, games, dance and more,” said the Mozartsy founder.

In 2018, Mozartsy looks forward to expanding the portfolio of its workshops on a continuous basis.

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