Every woman is a leader in herself

Ever since the inception of understanding in my mind, it has been on a 24 X 366(leap included…why leave even one day…….it means a lot to a poky and curious mind like me) overtime duty to be critical,analytical and substantially unpartial; evolving and clearing the thought process, i have seen a striking contrast of actions and conversations in my vicinity, specific as well as general….. Since long, i have been listening about reserving and preserving woman’s rights……In the past some years, many NGO’s have mushroomed for demanding and commanding woman’s rights and to be with her if she faces any social, emotional or physical injustice though i fail to apprehend why his hoopla surrounding women empowerment…….who said that a woman doesn’t have rights, obviously she has but the problem has been that the male dominated societies have taken the liberty of her soft and giving nature and women are always known as givers and surrenders for other’s happiness but now its ripe time to take action not letting slip her rights to her male fellows in the name of our culture and religion…….but the thing which hurts me the most is that those who are howling from rooftop about the “subject” tend to show women as the “weaker sex” so that’s why all this talk of empowerment………….but women were never powerless starting from shree Ram’s mother Kaushalya to his step mother Kaikeyi to his toughest wife Sits, to Satyavati, to Ganga, To Drapadi, to more known names like Mother Teresa, Indira Gandhi, Lata Mangeshkar…….These all women have been epitome of power and substance who knew that a woman carries her powers within her womb and unnecessarily don’t throw weight around but know how to wield their uninhibited powers and even more important, when not to use it……They simply knew that truly powerful means not to cling to powers and show it often……..Being powerful means to use your powers judiciously not ungoverned and uncurbed!!!!!!!!! 


Since the beginning of civilization, women have been as strong as their male counterparts either compared physically, emotionally or spiritually but with the changing world, the criteria of evaluation has changed……so the world’s demands…earlier women would also plough fields with their partners starting from seeding, watering, harvesting, threshing, bundling and what not; while taking care care of the house and the kids to  attending to the family’s emotional and physical needs to supporting and handling any chaos…… Now the role of women has diversified in her own house, in her family member’s life, in the society altogether and got more complex and more vivid….Now with her being educated and aware, she is going out to capture her own world at her own cost along with meeting the responsibilities given to her by the family, society and education too….only difference being that she was oblivious to the fact that she too deserves a life of her own. Education and exposure have laid the foundations of professionally responsible, emotionally strong and balanced, intellectually competent, physically sound, vocationally creative, culturally progressive and spiritually high women so the woman again can create a breed of independent, confident, reliable, progressive and intellectual countrymen…..infinite salutes to her spirits <3 <3


Though a woman plays an importunate role in everyone’s life she’s allied with but she’s the one who has to always face challenges in her work area to get her due.She’s not given equal and enough opportunities, she has to fight back for her career rights, she’s treated as an option in her work area, she’s positioned at number two for any increment and promotions, she’s bounced back if she’s willing to re-enter work area after motherhood or after a gap of certain years……When the entire globe has woken up to women power and its urgency in any country’s growth and development, how can we lag behind when we have 48% women population as per census 2011.which in other words means that our half nation is out of jobs aka unproductive!! If We are under-utilizing the power bomb kept in our houses, how we are going to compete with the developed nation and increase our productivity…..Needless to say it’s a woman’s constitutional right to chose work she wants to affianced to so who’s stopping us….ironic to say that the situation is not justified and strictly uncalled for…..Its none other than our own mindsets and pre-conceived notions which have shackled our thought process and decayed it then and there and doesn’t want to let us move ahead…..We have been spoon-fed since ages that women are soft and fragile and can’t be tough fighters neither physically nor emotionally but the truth is diametrically opposite…..When we love and respect our own mothers, aunties, sisters, wives, daughters and share our responsibilities and rights with them; then why can’t we respect other women’s rights……..Its as simple and basic, a house runs smoothly by the equal mutual efforts of both men and women of the house similarly a country can run effectively with the equal participation of both sexes; productively and progressively…..


Women have shown us and led us by example how tougher and smarter they can be in their work areas but still denying their rights is like denying the right to breathe to a living species…..Women have always outshone men be it in handling a country, managing a firm or organizing a house…….a woman can be a source of inspiration in any form, any relationship…….. i would love to dedicate this message straight from the heart to my mom-in-law….she’s a courageous never say die spirited lady….she’s an iron-man…she married my father-in-law at the age of 16 in a village, had two kid sister-in-law’s and two teenaged brother-in-law’s to nourish and grow….she did the job brilliantly and marvelously single-handedly and married them off all along with her own five kids and taking care of her paralyzed bed-ridden mother-in-law doing her bathing, toilet-related activities, feeding washing her spoiled clothes as well. she had six buffaloes whose all work feeding, bathing and milking was also her work area…..Till 80 now, she does all her work on her own and doesn’t like to sit idle ….she truly deserves the title of iron lady of our house.


Don’t you think every women is a fighter and a survivor and every women is an inspiration in  herself so why confine our our endless momentum and flow of life….We must understand that revolution and evolution begin from deep inside us; not afraid to cross the boundaries or fearing criticism, bondage or uninvited intervention in to your own territory where the violation is deemed as revolt by society at large……….we must evolve with time and needs though there are certain things I wanna change but the most important is how the women of India feel about themselves…..since childhood, the feeling of their being the superior creature is suppressed enough to sow a seed of inferiority, complex and hesitation to feel confident about themselves…..though the conditions are much better than previous but only in metros, the outer and remote areas remain unaffected or say less affected….the woman of the house(grandmothers, mothers/aunties) must ensure that her daughters should grow confidently, equally and with a complete belief in herself and her capabilities so that we can proud face the new India The Shining India…..Till we can proudly say Jai Hind.No discrimination, either verbal or physical should be concluded on any borderline which says they both be treated equally with equal restrictions and certain limitations so when they leave home to conquer the world, they are better human beings than better educated puppets…….Also the education system be brought together in such a way which educates the kids basic moral values not simply teaches the fundamentals of science and arithmetic but fundamental rights of every human being as well……if we work collectively….the impact will be seen massively  

With the gradual change in the mindsets,the big corporates and industries have finally woken up to women productivity and their indispensable share in the growth part and are providing multiple opportunities for them. even if the lady wants to work from home or do shift work, many enterprises are welcoming the fair sex with open arms, some have even arranged for crèche facilities in the industry premises for letting women work worryfree but this is applicable in big corporate houses only….More and more women will take active participation once they are free mind from their kids’s side so these benefits should be scattered in the small section of industries as well so that woman of any section get equal opportunities as per her caliber and education and her wings get freedom to fly high and high and our nation grows in leaps and bounds!!!!!!!! without sounding a typical feminist……..