How confidence beats any scorecard in the ladder to success

Six Keys Success

Confidence is the key. If you are confident there is nothing you can’t achieve. People dress well in order to look good and impress the people around you. That’s confidence for some. For others it’s about achievement. For many its about a combination of the two. Whatever it is, confidence is anyone’s biggest asset. Much more than a scorecard or resume. It’s central to goal setting and achieving them.

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I look around everyday. Surround by young impressionable women. Being confident in college is essential. Not only does it help you lead but also attract positivity around you. You need to be confident enough to go up to people in college in order to start making new friends. You also need confidence to be able to stand up for yourself in college. Even if someone dares to misbehave with you, you must have the ability to go and confront them.

Confidence Among Women

Believe in Yourself: Credit to TheWorryFreeLife

“To me confidence means being comfortable in your own skin, regardless of how you are and being fearless. It means being positive about who you are and not being ashamed of it,” shares Aabir Mitra. Confidence to face others comes only when you are confident about yourself, they way you look and when you have an some sense of how you are perceived from someone else’s point of view.

Why Make Up in College has a real impact on confidence

But dressing well isn’t the only bit. You need to even be capable to go and hold conversations, discussions, debates and more. You can’t just sit in the corner and not talk to anyone and expect people to come up and talk to you by themselves. You need to be an extrovert. You need to start taking part in events in college, slowly but steadily your confidence will build up and you will be able to perform in all the events without hesitation. It does sound scary but it gets better. Your education is one thing you can be confident about. Your power over words and language can get you to reach the highest points of success!

In college, initiate conversations with your classmates, also talk to your seniors and bond with them; create a rapport with them. Slowly and gradually college will feel like home. When you start mingling and connecting with people, the college you study in becomes your home and the people with you, become your family.

“Confidence to me is the ability to communicate your ideas effectively without any hesitation,” asserts college goer Ritika Kukreja. Get out of your shell, let people in. Confidence is one thing you can’t do anything without so go ahead. When asked the simple question, “what does confidence mean to you? “Walking into a room and not giving a damn about the others present and their opinions about you,” avers Ali Haji.

For me, confidence is a bigger tool than any certificate. It can take you places. College is a great place to start being confident and taking leap by leap.