Touch And Feel Your Breasts, They’re Just A Part Of Your Body

breast cancer awareness

Sitting amongst a group of young girls at the Wacoal store, chatting up about breast cancer, I couldn’t help but think that we all ought to give a little more thought to our breasts, at least as much as we think about our work, food, hair and of course shopping.

Don’t wait for other people to plan things for you. Don’t wait for someone to take you to the hospital for a breast examination. Just do it yourself. Go get yourself checked now.

SheThePeople and Wacoal partnered together to spread awareness regarding Breast Cancer and spoke about the following:

  • Busting myths -Wearing a bra doesn’t cause breast cancer.
  • How to check for the lumps.
  • What are the precautions for breast cancer?
  • The lifestyle changes- A small delay in getting a breast examination done can lead you to suffer more later.
  • Fear of diagnosis- If you get hold of cancer at an early stage, it is your own life that’ll be easier, healthier and happier. So, don’t be afraid.

Fashion blogger Aiana Jain read my mind when she discussed how we need to stop being mean to ourselves and start caring about our bodies. She said, “I’ve come across a lot of women who keep saying, ‘I don’t look good enough, I don’t have a good dressing sense, …’ All in all we are just mean to ourselves. We don’t criticize the people that we meet, we don’t tell them they’re ugly and that they have pimples on their face, then why do we criticise every small bit about ourselves? We need to be kinder.”

breast cancer awareness

Aiana Jain

Aiana further shared with everyone how important it is to not ignore the symptoms of breast cancer.“I had a friend who had a classic symptom of breast cancer, her nipple was inverted, but she chose to ignore it for six months and her cancer advanced to stage 3,” said she.

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Neelakshi Singh who is a body-positive influencer said, “The one thing that I am taking away from today’s talk is that we need to get ourselves checked. Get your yearly examination done. It’s not that difficult. Just make it part of your routine.”

breast cancer awareness

We need to get ourselves checked: Neelakshi Singh

Talking about how we need to love and take care ourselves, Megha R Israni who runs a successful photography company said that we all need to make small efforts to make ourselves feel good. She said, “Do a small effort in the morning to tell yourself something good. Every morning I tell myself- You know what Megha- You look fabulous, you look pretty, you’re gorgeous. And this just gives me the energy to go through the entire day with great enthusiasm.”

breast cancer awareness

Put in efforts to make yourself feel good: Megha R Israni

Something to think about right? Not just me but why do a lot of women hold themselves back from taking a good scoop of their breasts every once in a while or just getting them examined for breast cancer?

breast cancer awareness

Discussing the importance of breast cancer awareness

I remember the first time I thought I had a lump in my breasts. Casually one day as I was checking my breasts, I felt a weird lump in it. And yes! It did freak me out. All the horrible things you hear about cancer, I just couldn’t stop myself from overthinking the situation and imagining what I would do if I actually had cancer and if I could die because of it.

The next day I went to a family doctor. I was unaware about how the examination was done. So I was shocked when she told me to remove my clothes and my bra and took a good scoop of my breasts. I acted like a stupid girl, getting all shy about it, giggling while she examined my breasts. But yes, she told me I was all fine and good to go. And just like that all my bad thoughts went away.

Don’t wait for other people to plan things for you. Don’t wait for someone to take you to the hospital for a breast examination. Just do it yourself. Go get yourself checked now. There’s seriously no point in delaying it and suffering more later.

This Breast Cancer Awareness month, Wacoal has launched a noble initiative as part of its global CSR activity. Supporting the fight against breast cancer, every time you take a trial at their stores, Rs.50 will be donated to the Cancer Patients Aid Association, on your behalf by the brand. On any purchase made, Rs.100 will be donated on your behalf. It is clear to see why the Japanese lingerie retailer is doing every bit of justice to their tagline, “We’re truly yours for #TrulyYou”

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This is a sponsored post as a part of the collaboration between Wacoal and SheThePeople.TV to promote breast cancer awareness.