‘Period’, seems not the best word to start a sentence I know, while the usage of this word has become so common now as even the little ones want to make a statement or finish a strong remark by saying ‘Period’. However, I remember using the term more to ask which period comes next after math at school and later learnt about the women’s monthly connotation to the word, talking about which was almost taboo then!

Today was one of those days, rather day1 of my period which generally gets the worst out of me, yes in terms of moods and pains. While I went on with the regular chores, I thought to myself wow for a change I am at home this time, rather locked down and can rest a bit. My feeling lucky moment was when I could put my feet up after lunch and enjoy this rarity. Well, the icing on the cake was when I caught that quintessential short nap on the couch and woke up feeling like I was blessed by the Gods! All this for that fifteen minute nap? Am sure every woman will resonate to that indescribable magical short nap!

Having enjoyed that, I sat there dreaming how nice it would be if someone could make me some chai. But had to be me, living alone with my ten year old so obviously! ‘Now that you’ve had your chai, let’s go Bball ma’ said my son. While I tried to explain to him about not feeling to well to play basketball today, he just wouldn’t understand. After answering about a hundred questions from him, what do you think I did? Obviously gave up and decided to go play with him. Actually, not gave up but gave in when he said “Come on Ma, you always tell me PICK YOURSELF UP!” 

So quickly changed into play gear and wore the mask of the ‘Cool Mom’ and set out to play at the court behind our home. After hitting a few balls, as I sat in the corner watching him play alone yet happily, I knew how important this was to him especially during these days of house arrest. I asked myself how during these many years of my career I would never say no for a client meeting or any travel even during these physically tough days? How have women around the world been wearing this brave ‘I can do it’ mask for centuries and carrying on with every challenge in life? 

When I decided to move to America on a project for two years, I remember flying out of my homeland, my comfort zone, wearing the boldest mask ever. Settling with my son in a new place, learning the lay of the new land and trying to find my comfort on the uncertain piece of ground below my feet were some of the challenges.

All through I learnt that as troubles hit the shore every day in a woman’s life, she ‘PICKS HERSELF UP’, wears the mask of courage and marches out like a warrior with pride in her own stride! We women sure do not have any dearth for masks!

Literally in this war kind of a scenario today, being away from home, family and loved ones does bring in a slight sense of fear and worry if I would ever see them again after all this curfew and lockdown, but the warrior in me says ‘PICK YOURSELF UP’ no matter what, whether it is your monthly blues or stressful times like this. 

Life may never be the same after COVID 19, but no matter how it would be,
let us disrobe the cloak of fear and disengage with self-pity,
let us march into tomorrow wearing our masks of valor and pride,
let us continue to stay safe, stay positive and pick ourselves up each and every time, because nobody else would!


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