5 Reasons Why workout is the Miracle Drug for Women Entrepreneurs

Women entrepreneurs are those superheroes you see walking amongst us, saving the day for their companies, their employees, their clients and customers, their children and families. In all this brouhaha, it is likely that they would forget to save themselves from the impending stress that is lurking around, waiting to get the better of them. In this situation, just plain simple exercise could be the miracle drug they have been looking for to get their act back together. Here are five reasons why regular exercise are the answer to all their worries:


1. An area of your life that you can predict:

Being a business owner, uncertainty is the butter to your bread, the Jerry to your Tom. It accompanies everything you venture into, whether big or small. And constantly dealing with not knowing how things may fold out could be nerve-wracking. In this situation, your exercising time could be a slot you control, the results of which you could possibly foresee. This could be instrumental in keeping your sanity. 


2. Only Way Out for the Toxins

If you’re one of those supremely active and busy business owners who’ve built a life out of business luncheons, trips, galas and social dos- which are all obligations that you can’t get out of – your staple diet is mass-prepared food, restaurant meals made out of stale ingredients, packaged ready to eat junk on the go, and a steady dosage of caffeine to keep up with the lifestyle. In the long run too, you are also prone a host of diseases associated with unhealthy eating, and then spending sedentary days on end locked up in your office over brainstorming sessions and whatnot. While dedicatedly exercising caution eating during these events is a far fetched idea, exercising diligently could be the only way to flush out the toxins that come with your exploits.


3. Cause Mass-Disruption

New age specialists have opined that to stay above the clutter, you don’t just disturb the market- you disrupt it. The key to cause this is innovation and creativity, hence, exercise might be your ‘weapon of mass-disruption’, if we may. Studies have proven  that certain basic exercises, something as simple as going for a run- helps ease writer’s block and gets the creative juices flowing.  The philosopher and author Henry Thoreau claimed that his thoughts began to flow ‘the moment my legs began to move.’


4. What doesn’t kill you makes you Smarter:

Another recent  2012 study by the Montreal Heart Institute showed aerobic exercise increased cognitive function. Which means, that your retention power spikes up if you exercise. While you cram in the skills and techniques required to run your business from outside sources, incorporating exercise into your daily schedule shall help lock that inflow of information into your brain better.


5. The Chemical Key to Confidence and Energy

You may not know this, but confidence isn’t always controlled through psychological conditioning, there are also various chemicals in our body that boost or reduce confidence. Exercising has the potential to stimulate those reaction in your body. Besides, a lack of confidence can be well-disguised under an excess of energy, which exercise is sure to induce.


Image Credits: Tech.Co