Stranger Things 3 Is High On Feminist Quotient: Here's The Proof

Stranger Things 3 is special and critically acclaimed due to the subtle yet progressive message that each episode has especially for women.

divya Tripathi
Aug 01, 2019 10:35 IST
Stranger Things 3, Stranger Things Season 4 teaser

On July 4, Netflix dropped the third installment of one of its biggest venture, Stranger Things 3, a teen series about parallel universe and supernatural power which  is massively popular worldwide. The first season of this science fiction-horror web series by Duffer Brothers was aired on Netflix in 2016. The ratings of the third season has broken all records on Netflix. Sharing a tweet the online streaming platform has confirmed that more than 40 million household accounts have been watching the show since its new season debuted on July 4, and 18.2 million have already watched the whole season.

The reason behind this massive popularity is the unique premise, top-notch graphics/CGI effects and the protagonists. Each one of the six protagonists are superb, but the show-stealer is the badass Eleven played by Millie Bobby Brown. This season was also special and critically acclaimed due to its subtle yet progressive message that each episode had especially for women. Let's take a look:

'There's more in your life than stupid boys'

The highlight of the second episode was when Max and Eleven hang out with each other after Eleven and Mike's fight. It’s about realising the fact that your happiness depends on you rather than anyone else out there. Max helps El to realise there's more in life than just boys, which she is totally missing out. Being in a relationship you should not forget that you are an individual as well. You have your own desires, likes and dislike, never let your individuality die for one person. And more specifically if you have your girlfriend/s you don't need anybody else. Fun sessions of gossip and shopping can be your therapy.


'Choose what makes you feel like YOU'

It's very important to understand your own feelings, living in the closet or copying others, we often forget to figure out what we actually like. Being a woman, sometimes we consider others happiness as ours, forgetting about our own individuality, likes and dislikes. In one of the encounters between Max and El, where Max asks her to choose any attire which she likes, not her boyfriend's or her father's choice, but what she likes. When El asks “how do I know what I like?” To which Max replies beautifully, “Choose something which makes you happy, which makes you comfortable, which makes you feel like YOU.” The metaphoric use of this shopping scene to depict how we all are confined to limited ideas about ourselves, believing others likes and dislikes as ours without realising what we truly want was an eye-opener. The happiness on El's face after this independent day, where she explores her true self is just priceless.


Yes we can be beautiful and geniuses too

There's a popular notion about girls that they can be either be beautiful or be a genius. But sorry to pop your bubble knowledge - to put the record straight ability doesn't depend on one's look. When Robin cracks the Russian code proving Steve wrong who doubted her ability or when Suzie saved the day by giving the Planks constant number to Dustin. Our Little Erica and Suzie proved that girls can be equally good with numbers. Your ability to do anything does not depend upon your gender or looks. It's a prejudice that women aren't good with numbers. Thanks to Stranger Things team who challenged this misogynistic notion.


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Stand against the misogyny

Misogyny and sexism in the workplace is not new for women. Their sexist workplace system is no different from today. Maybe not that overtly, but yes women still face daily life sexism. They lose many opportunities in life because of someone's prejudice that 'it's not a women's job to do'. Nancy and Jonath both were interns at a publication house, where Nancy is only mocked, humiliated and made to serve coffee, where as Jonathan was allowed to do his job for which he was hired. Suppressing women, not letting them explore their potential is an old mind-set to maintain the patriarchal system. But Nancy who took a stand for what she believed in and pursued her story which she felt was right, was a punch in the faces of all those misogynistic men. The depiction of bravery and courage by Nancy was amazing as well as inspiring.


Be proud of who you are

Coming out of your closet is still a difficult thing. The LGBTQ community is still fighting for basic fundamental rights and dignified identity in society. The popular idea of heterosexism is imposed on us from the very beginning, dismissing all the other identities. On one hand, where Gay people are demeaned or humiliated, the existence of Lesbians is totally dismissed. People mock or aren't ready to accept lesbianism. But when Robbin came out accepting her sexuality, it was really a progressive depiction. Accepting one's sexuality and being comfortable within their own skin is necessary and every individual should have the right to be proud of what they really are.


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