Liked Him on Insta Accidentally? Didn't Want to Send A Signal?

Liked Him on Insta Accidentally? A sign to actually take a step forward and approach your Instagram crush. I know it takes a lot of courage to do that but the first step is already taken, you have sent a signal.

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Scrolling through the Instagram of your crush is always exciting. Taking a backseat and admiring him low key, looking at his photos and gushing over his looks, trying to know more about him through his social media is oddly satisfying. Posts and reels of your Instagram crush is your very personal stress buster after a long, hard day.

Now imagine while you are intensely immersed in admiring his side profile and chiselled jawline in his Insta post, suddenly your finger hits that dreaded hollow heart and turns it red. Or you are lying down, your phone falls on your face and your nose hits that heart. The thought sends shivers down your spine. And I know it must have happened at some point in your life. This second-hand embarrassment is too hard to bear.

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Although there is an option to turn that red heart back to white, but by the time you do that (after panicking for a good long minute) the damage is already done. How? Because your crush has already received a notification on Instagram that someone liked his picture. Woah, that escalated fast, from secret admiring to sending a personalised notification. The notification gets deleted as soon as you unlike the post but if he was online at that time, he probably would have noticed it flashing. So you basically sent an unwanted signal.

Unfortunately, Instagram has not yet evolved enough to include a 'secret admirer accidentally liked her crush's post damage control' feature. So you just have to wish you were lucky enough that he was not online. Even though there is no way to undo it now, what you can do is be careful next time. There are some precautions you can take if you want to save yourself from such situations.

Women and dating: Damage Control When You Like A Post of Your Instagram Crush

There is actually one more solution that might actually be a game-changer but I will save it for the last. Let's see what you do to avoid liking him on Instagram. So basically the problem is that your notification pops up on his phone if you like his post but is deleted as soon as you unlike it. If he is online, he can see that. The best way is to avoid going through his profile while he is online. There is a green dot that appears on the Instagram profile pic when a person is online. If you see your Instagram crush is online, be extra careful to avoid any such mistake or better not visit his posts.


But it might be that your Instagram crush has hidden his active status. So that green dot never appears, even when he is online. In such cases, you can do damage control by changing your profile credentials. The notification goes by your username and profile picture. So if you change your Instagram name, profile picture and bio, you will be able to hide your " target="_blank" rel="noopener">identity from your Instagram crush.

This may sound quite extreme and doing this every time you accidentally like his post can be quite tiring. Being careful is an easier and better solution.

Women and Dating: Give it a try, just so you don't regret it later

Well, the second solution that I was talking about is that maybe it is a sign. A sign to actually take a step forward and approach your Instagram crush. I know it takes a lot of courage to do that but the first step is already taken, you have sent a signal. What if it was accidental, you can make it an opportunity and who knows, it might actually work. You will never know until you try.

Well, taking it forward is completely up to you. However, next time you accidentally like the photo of your Instagram crush, you already have a solution. You know we got you backed up against any possible embarrassing situation. But I still ask you to give it a try, just so you don't regret it later.

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