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Rajasthan: Woman Constable’s ‘Bindori’ Celebrated At Police Station By Colleagues

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‘Bindori’ celebrated at Police station: Sonia, a woman constable at Buhana Police Station in Jhunjhunu district of Rajasthan celebrated a pre-wedding ritual called ‘bindori’ with her colleagues at the police station.

Every community has its fair share of wedding rituals which may range from traditional to bizarre, these, in turn, enunciate a gala of events surrounding the wedding ceremonies. From twisting the groom’s ear in Maharashtrian weddings to pulling nose (ponkhana) in Gujarati tradition, Indian wedding ceremonies are dotted with fun and strange rituals.

One such event was witnessed in the Jhunjunu district of Rajasthan on Monday, April 26, where the ritual known as ‘bindori’ was celebrated by the colleagues of a woman constable at the Buhana Police station.

What was the series of events?

Bindori’ is a pre-wedding tradition where the bride-to-be sits in a ‘baggi’ or carriage and visits a nearby temple to take blessings as her family members walk alongside.

The pre-wedding procession of Sonia took place on Sunday where her colleagues played the role of her family. As the Rajasthan government has limited the number of guests at a wedding to be fifty due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the staff of the police station carried out the ritual.

Sonia, the woman constable was seen in a salwar suit, sitting on a horse, and expressed her gratitude by saying, “My colleagues played the role of my family and took out the ‘Bindori’ by following the coronavirus guidelines. I really liked it and it is a good example for the women in the society.”

Traditional songs associated with the ceremony were sung during the celebration, as everyone immersed in the surroundings and participated in the ritual making it special for Sonia. The constable said that she will be tieing the knot on Monday.

Due to the sharp rise in COVID-19 cases, the state government has capped the number of people in any public gathering in order to curb the transmission as well a lockdown is also expected.