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Who Is Peekay? Artist Behind “Sunshine On The Street” Song

Pranati Khanna aka Peekay came out with her new song titled Sunshine On The Streets in collaboration with singer and Bollywood actor Andrea Tariang. The music video of the song starts with Peekay’s chorus while she is seen standing against a quirky and colourful backdrop. Andrea Tariang then takes over and is seen singing in the middle of a pyjama party.

As per the artists, the song is aimed at the people of the current generation who have accepted gender fluidity and are seeking to love and be loved. The opening lines of the song go, “I may not be for everyone but I’m more
than enough for me. I may not fit in everywhere, but that’s alright with me…”

Sitting well with the vibe of the song’s lyrics, the music video features people from different sexual orientations, being carefree and in love. The cast of the music video is friends with the artists Andrea and Peekay and are allies of the LGBTQ+ community in Hyderabad and Meghalaya.

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The song was shot at two different locations. Andrea Tariang did the shoot in Meghalaya and Peekay did the shoot in Hyderabad. The producers then came created the music video at the studio. The songwriting and composition has been done by the singers themselves.

Sunshine on The Streets is the fifth song released by Peekay since 2020. The Hyderabad-based artist has been featured in Rollingstone India magazine and has received recognition for her work in the past couple of years. In an interview with the New Indian Express, Peekay shared that RnB and Soul are her favourite genres of music to work with. Peekay has often shared supportive opinions on issues such like women’s rights, inclusivity of LGBTQ+ community and mental health.

Peekay started playing guitar when she was 14 years old. She has also been seen giving TED talks at different events. In an interview with the Stumagz, the artist said, “Art for me has always been something that is emotionally connected to me, something I turn to when I have something to say. My art deals with female issues mostly, the changes we go through in our lives, going from the different parts of our lives and more.”

Watch the music video here.