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Who Is Kate Shumskaya? Scarlett Johansson Lookalike Influencer Goes Viral On TikTok

Who Is Kate Shumskaya
Who is Kate Shumskaya: The world has witnessed it time and time again and yet when a chance discovery shows someone has a doppelganger – another human with eery clone-like similarity – it is always still a marvel. Talking of doppelgangers and marvels, the internet is currently enthralled with finding an influencer who has a close resemblance to Black Widow Scarlett Johansson.

Blogger, model and TikTok star from Russia, Kate Shumskaya is taking social media by storm. Her profiles are shoring up followers who are flocking to see her likeness to the American actor. Shumskaya, aware of the resemblance she bears, often cosplays as Johansson’s characters.

What’s more, their hair colours and appearances strikingly match. Shumskaya has near-perfected the actor’s infamous pout too!

Shumskaya first grabbed eyeballs on social media this year in February, following which her fame skyrocketed. She presently has a ten million-strong community on TikTok, while on Instagram too, she has racked up a million followers.

Know Who Is Kate Shumskaya, The Viral TikTok ScarJo

Reports suggest Shumskaya is 25 and represented by an advertising agency. She hails from the Russian city of Maykop and is currently based in Moscow. Prior to entering showbiz, she worked with a construction company.

In interviews, she revealed she has been hearing of the Johansson resemblance since she was a child. She is trying to make it big as a model on her own name, instead of Johansson’s.

Over on desi social media too, several such content creators have gone viral in recent months for their uncanny resemblances to popular Bollywood celebrities. Celesti Bairagey from Assam has stunned netizens with her dimpled cheek and mannerisms reminding them of Alia Bhatt. Aashita Singh is also one of the many lookalikes of actor Aishwarya Rai Bachchan to entertain social media users lip-syncing to videos and songs of the actor.

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