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Who Is Kaitlyn McCaffery? Instagram Influencer In Coma After Accident In Bali

who is Kaitlyn McCaffery
Who is Kaitlyn McCaffery: The American travel influencer and blogger, who has been in Bali, Indonesia for two months now, has reportedly suffered a serious biking accident that has put her in a coma. Her family in California is now raising funds to fly her back home as soon as possible.

According to reports, McCaffery was discovered July 31 on the side of a road in Bali where her scooter had crashed and left her “alone, unconscious, broken and bleeding,” her family said. Locals who found her took her to a hospital in Denpasar where she remains in a coma.

The young tourist has suffered a serious brain injury and is fighting for her life, the family says on their donation request page. Owing to COVID-19 restrictions on travel as also the language barrier in Bali, getting through to their daughter has not been possible for them and they hope to evacuate her from there so she can be flown to the US for treatment.

All You Should Know About Who Is Kaitlyn McCaffery

A graduate of California State University, Fullerton, McCaffery holds a degree in business entrepreneurship and is the co-founder of an accessories company Sunfara. She has been a traveller for many years now, documenting her trips on social media where she has over four thousand followers.

As per her last Instagram post made July 30, just a day before her accident, McCaffery wrote she was “…Loving where I live, the people I have met so far, and the warm warm air. So happy to call this place home.”

Her family says she has several friends tending to her in Bali and relaying timely updates to them until they arrange for travel in the pandemic. The donation goal has been set for $250,000, which the McCaffery family says will be used entirely towards transporting their daughter back home and her treatment. 

McCaffery’s accident comes in a period of high turmoil the influencer community is facing with many online stars having close calls with death or passing away in accidents. Last month, a Hong Kong influencer slipped to her death at a waterfall where she was trying to click a selfie. Read more such recent cases here.