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Viral Video Of Woman In Labour Overthinking A Text To Her Manager Is Worrying

Woman in labour texting boss
The modern day world culture is demanding. It sometimes becomes so consuming that one barely gets time to have a personal life. Simple pleasures of reading, evening walks, catching a movie or leisure time can start to feel like guilty pleasures. It cannot be just called an individual behaviour as we know for a fact that the one’s who make sacrifices for work are rewarded.

In video going viral on internet shows a woman in labour fretting about what message she should send her manager so that her paycheck is collected in her absence. The video has gained over five million views on the internet and has initiated conversations on what is really so problematic about the work cultures most of are part of.

Woman In Labour texting Boss:

As per reports, the video is of a woman named Marissa who gave birth to her first child in July 2020. At the time she used to work at a drive-through coffee shop and they did not give her any maternity leave. Her husband was also not given the paternity leave.

The text added to the video read, “Me literally in labour overthinking I’m sending my manager to call out.” The woman is heard reading out the text to her partner and asking for approval. Her text read, “I am in labour. I just got admitted to the hospital – smiley face. Would it be OK if my mom or brother picked up my paycheck tomorrow – question mark.” To which her partner replies, “Perfect. ”

In an interview with Buzzfeed, she talked about what was going through her mind during that time. She said, “I was overthinking this text message to my boss mainly because I have anxiety. I was a week and a half from my due date, so I was a little early for a first-time mom and no one really expected me to go into labour.”

Giving birth in the middle of the pandemic and a week and half early to the due date was already stressful enough. Texting on boss was a “cherry on top” for her anxiety. She also said that her husband, who did not get any leaves, had to report to office less than 24 hours after Marissa gave birth.

It is important to note that the woman did not work at some big corporate with proper rules in place and where employees at least get leaves for emergencies like Marissa’s. Maternity leaves are also well in place in most companies. However, many of us can related to Marissa. In an event of emergency, whether with a family member or something of our own, before one starts to think of ways to tackle the problem the question, “Will I get a leave?” is one of the most important ones. So many people thinking of their situation to be a not-so-serious one end up lying to their bosses because the chances of getting a leave to attend a family member’s funeral is greater than simply saying that you are unwell.

The better way is of course if one starts to value one’s health and keeps the work pressure aside for the time being. Staying firm in making making fair demands from the workplace is recommended but how many of us are able to do that?

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