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Going Viral: Dog Steals Microphone (And People’s Hearts) During Reporter’s Live Broadcast

dog steals microphone
Dog steals microphone from Russian reporter during a live news broadcast and the internet can’t get enough of the viral video. Between laughter and sheer delight, the video has taken Twitter by storm, a silver lining amid the pandemic gloom that doesn’t show signs of ceasing anytime soon.

Nadezhda Serezhkina, reporter for Russian news channel Mir TV, couldn’t ever have foreseen the ‘dog tornado’ that was scheduled on her weather report for April 1. As she is mid-broadcast about informing viewers that spring was arriving in Moscow, a magnificent golden retriever jumps up into frame, grabs her colourful microphone and makes away with it as fast as possible.

But the hilarity doesn’t end there. Serezhkina runs after the pooch and her cameraperson runs after them, still filming and, to the viewers’ amusement, catches the entire incident on live television. The reporter, clearly hassled, is confused about what call would work best. “Stay! Come here! Stop…stop!” she says, chasing the dog.

In the video, we see Serezhkina finally catch up with the adorable thief but how she retrieved her mic remains a mystery, for the visuals cut to the Mir TV studio where the anchor gets on with the broadcast (albeit with light glee of her own).

Spring really does seem to have arrived in Russia.

Dog steals microphone: Watch the viral video here

Dog Steals Microphone: Internet Dubs It Cutest Thief Ever

All of the internet had a field day with the extraordinary incident, showering the four-legged star with ‘awwws’ and ‘oooohs’ and ‘thank yous’ for brightening up the weekend.

“Love that the camera operator had the presence of mind to keep the foot chase in frame for full comedy effect,” one Twitter user wrote.

Referring to the multi-hued microphone Serezhkina used, a user wrote, “Looked just like his squeaky toy at home. He got tired of waiting for her to throw it.”

Another user had a suggestion for the media world – “Media LPT: when around retrievers, avoid using a mic that looks like a tennis ball.”

And it seemed Serezhkina too couldn’t have enough of the golden retriever, for the furry celebrity made a return on her weather report later when things seemed to have been brought under control.

After the broadcast cuts back to Serezhkina, she is seen squatting beside the pooch, who was now pacified and listening intently to her (with eyes still occasionally flitting to the colourful prize now tightly gripped in her hand).