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Content Creator’s Hilarious Honest Review Of Jaipur Coffeehouse Is A Viral Hit

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The recently opened Starbucks Jaipur sees a flow of thrilled visitors daily, being the first establishment of the coffeehouse brand in the Rajasthan city. And there are simultaneously a few customers on whom the idiosyncrasies of such cafes and their lure are not lost.

A content creator, voice artist and podcaster who dropped into the new cafe with his friends delivered a review of the place and his brutally honest, sharply witted commentary has left netizens rolling with laughter.

From Starbucks’ notoriously high-priced menu to the wide-eyed public sauntering in and about the coffeehouse, Anurag Verma documents it all at the “blackbucks ki dharti pe Starbucks.”

With acerbic quips, Verma pokes fun at the cafe’s sandwiches made more expensive with its studded melon seeds, its almond milk concoctions that are stealing the thunder of resentful buffaloes in the city and its sketches of hackneyed Rajasthani stereotypes to colour themed coffee cups on display in quintessential Starbucks style.

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Jaipur Starbucks Viral Review: Between Laughs, Netizens Nod In Agreement

At Jaipur, it seems, the coffeehouse has emerged as nothing less than a grand monument tourists are flocking to for pictures marking their visit, Verma relates. Not just people, it appears from the viral video even pigeons are knocking at the cafe’s windows to get a peep, or better, overpriced breadcrumbs inside.

“As always, funny and top notch,” a Twitter user wrote, responding to Verma’s video. “GOLD,” another wrote. “Despite my Hindi being limited at best, this was hilarious,” one user said. The video even inspired a user to undertake a similar tour of their own; “okay who wants to go review this Starbucks with me in Jaipur?” they asked.

The video also invoked a few laughs from filmmaker Sudhir Mishra and author Aseem Chhabra who reshared it.

And, of course, the review expectedly refuelled passions on the age-old debate: chai or coffee?

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