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Physicist Wife’s Complains About Philosopher Husband Make Netizens Go ROFL

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Philosopher husband tweet: A 33-year-old woman complained about her 35-year-old husband in a Reddit post and claimed that her husband’s career in academic philosophy was ruining their marriage. Netizens, confused about what their reaction should be to the story, sought to fight over the fact whether the woman was telling the truth or just exaggerating.

Pakistan born Canadian writer Ali Rizvi took to Twitter to share the Reddit post and captioned the same as, “A physicist has had it with her academic philosopher husband, and everything about her post is amazing.”

In the post, a woman complained about her 35-year-old husband and accused his career interests of ruining their marriage. For what seems to be the reason for her anger towards her husband’s interest in philosophy is the fact she herself is a physicist. Now physics and philosophy don’t really seem to go hand in hand that well. If physics’ answer to question is in form of equations, variables and numbers, philosophy offers big words and ideas.

Philosopher Husband Tweet Goes Viral

The woman seemed to be going through something similar, a constant difference of opinion with her husband over the supremacy of either of the subjects. The woman wrote in her post, “his work apparently involves claims about physics that are just wrong, and wrong in a very embarrassing way (sic).”

The woman also mentioned in her post that she did try to explain to her partner and how he needed to get fact check, but her husband in return gets angry everytime and “explains that Hegel’s system is presuppositions and basis for all possible rational thought (sic).”The wife added “I have no idea what this means.”

However, the matter was unfortunately not only about these differences of opinions but the woman feeling insecure as well. But, *drum rolls* the other woman is a 200-year-old philosopher in this case. The woman mentions, “I feel like I am competing with a 200 year old philosopher for my husband’s attention (sic).”

Some of the Twitter found the post hilarious while others denied believing the authenticity of the story. The post had mentioned that the husband replaced the woman’s picture with philosopher Hegel’s in his phone’s back cover. The woman’s claim of her husband putting Hegel’s picture in the nightstand was called an exaggeration.