One Direction (1D), the popular five-member boy-band, was formed on The X Factor in 2010. All the boys, Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan and Zayn Malik, failed to progress as solo contestants but were put together to form one group. Although they did not win the reality show, they gained immense popularity in the UK and then took on the world.

Their songs flew off the charts, and the band made history when their first four albums made a debut at first place on the U.S. Billboard 200. 1D have won over 200 awards as a group, featuring in One Direction: This Is Us (2013) and One Direction: Where We Are- The Concert Film (2014), documentary concert films that follow the lives of the five members.

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But the journey of this group and its fans hasn’t been short of heartbreaks and drama. It all began to fall apart when Zayn Malik exited the band in 2015. A year later, other members went on a hiatus and pursued their solo careers as well. Although rumours are afloat about a possible reunion for the tenth anniversary, nothing is confirmed yet.

To celebrate the tenth anniversary of the group, here’s a list of ten songs 1D that refuse to leave my head:

Story of my life (Album – Midnight Memories, 2013)

I can sit under the sky and listen to this song over a thousand times. The acoustic version is even better as you get to hear the unfiltered voices. There is soothing about this song that transports me into a state of total tranquility. The song also has some of the best lyrics I’ve ever heard.

Where Do Broken Hearts Go (Album- Four, 2014)

It is the song that redefined ‘breakup songs.’ It’s raw and the overpowering raspy drum beats let you feel the pain of a shattered heart. I did not even have to go through a break-up, to feel the essence of it on a personal level.

Perfect (Album- Made In the A.M., 2015)

Just make me sit in an open roof vintage car, blast this song and let’s take off for an adventure of a lifetime. ‘If you like causing trouble up in hotel rooms and if you like having secret little rendezvous’; a perfect song for that perfect road trip. It is risque, vivacious, and tells you how difficult it must be for these young men to have a stable love life.

Night Changes (Album- Four, 2014)

My go-to song for growing up and realising how fast things change is Night Changes. People who truly love will stick by you, no matter what, it assures me though. More importantly, this was Zayn Malik’s last song with the band, which adds even more depth and layers to it.

Moments (Album- Up All Night, 2011)

Music doesn’t get more soulful than this. With its beautiful lyrics, this song will make you smile, all the while bringing tears to your eyes. The conviction in the voices and its simple wordings still hit me like a storm, just as it did the first time.

Summer Love (Album- Take Me Home, 2012)

Summer love and a promise of a future are what this song is about. Creating memories and holding them in your heart is something I learnt from this song. After listening to this, I wish I had a summer boyfriend to this song for.

You & I (Album- Midnight Memories, 2013)

A song which made me believe in love and forever a little more. Soft instrumental and strong voices keep the song alive.

Live While We’re Young (Album- Take Me Home, 2012)

An important lesson taught by a hilarious video which makes me want to grab my friends and run away. ‘Let’s go crazy, crazy, crazy ‘til we see the sun,’ so what’s stopping us? Having fun in life and letting go of things was made a tad easier by this song.

What Makes You Beautiful (Lead Single, 2011)

As cliched as it may sound on the list, this is the song that started it all. The peppy and extremely happy tune can get me on my feet at any time. Every girl felt a little happier and confident listening to this 1D song. I will always remember the lyrics of this song; my friends and I used to sing it at the top of our voice in our classroom.

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History (Album- Made in the A.M., 2015)

It is a salute to brotherhood and the unbreakable bond that is friendship. Reminiscing of old times and the apt words choke me up whenever I listen to this number. It’s impossible to not clap along with the beats of the song.

Writing down this list has refreshed so many memories for me. I grew up with this band, and in a sense, I feel they grew up with their fans too. One cannot help but hope that a One Direction reunion is indeed on the cards, just for the sake of all the music and fond memories this band has given us.

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