'Menopause Rhapsody' Is The Honest New Anthem For All Middle-Aged Queens

Menopause Rhapsody by Shirley Șerban is a searing (and hot flushed) look into what menopause looks like for women in their 40s, 50s and beyond.

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menopause rhapsody
Menopause Rhapsody goes like - "I can't sleep and am so itchy. Got sweaty thighs, this is my demise you seeeeee" - and is instantly a story every person nearing or undergoing or well past menopause can relate to.

The hot flushes, the hair growth, the mood pendulums, the brain scatter, content creator Shirley Șerban has hit the nail right on its head with this brutally honest (and revelatory) parody of Bohemian Rhapsody, the classic 1975 Queen song.

With over a million views on YouTube, her song it seems has struck a chord with listeners who are either finding Menopause Rhapsody to be a six-minute-long 'idiot's guide to menopause' or are finding their own experiences mirrored back to them.

"Too late, my prime has gone. Bones shrinking in my spine, body's aching all the time. Good night - no I won't sleep, just got to go. Gonna toss and turn and pee the whole night through," Șerban sings, all four of her looking down in collective mortification, as the song's legendary ballad bit progresses into the interlude and then into its hard rock section.

Menopause Rhapsody: Of Hot Flushes And Mood Swings

Șerban is from New Zealand and, as per her social media bios, took to parody music-making during the pandemic. Although, "creating songs to make myself and others smile has been one of my favourite pastimes since I was a child," she writes. The purpose of her 'relyriced' classics is to bring joy and even educate, where possible.

Other than Menopause Rhapsody, her other wildly creative (and equally wildly amusing) projects include My Mask Will Go On (My Heart Will Go On), What A Pity (I Feel Pretty) and I Am 16, Stuck Here In Quarantine (I Am 16, Going On 17).


Between headbangs and forbidding glares, when Șerban chants in Menopause Rhapsody, "Oh, ladies. Take it from me, poor ladies. It's going to get you, your time will soon come, be prepared!" one is caught mid-laugh, mid-terror and surprisingly, thankfulness, for her advanced warning.

Listen to Menopause Rhapsody ">here

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