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Little Girl Sees Mom Dressed As Bride On Wedding. Her Viral Reaction Is Winning Hearts

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Girl sees mom as bride video: For some daughters, the only glimpse they catch of their mothers in bridal wear is through old wedding tapes. But for makeup artist Anjali Manchanda’s little one, that visual came to life. She walked into the bride’s room to see her mother decked in pink and gold, all ready for her big day.

Aap to bahut sundar lag rahe ho [You’re looking so beautiful],” she exclaims, before embracing Manchanda.

The video was originally shared by makeup artist Guneet Virdi and has received over 4,00,000 views. “Awwwww💕💕 she is so happy to see her mom as a bride💕💕💕 congrats @anjalimua 😘 so happy for you,” Virdi wrote.

As per Manchanda’s profile, she tied the knot a week ago with one Arjun Kakkar. Her daughter is named Deva and is five years old.

Girl Sees Mom As Bride But The Internet Is Gushing

Manchanda as well as Virdi, who posted the bridal mother-daughter video, are both popular makeup influencers on Instagram with thousands-strong followers, who

“The best thing on Internet today ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️,” one user commented on the Instagram video. “That’s precious,” another said. “She is looking like a doll. Many congratulations @anjalimua, very happy for you,” one user wrote. “Bride and her daughter is just so damn cuuutteeeeee😍😍😍…. Best wishes for her new life,” another said.

Earlier this month, a similar video of a young girl and her father sharing a heartwarming moment went viral on the internet. Shanaya was thrilled to see him piloting the plane she was a passenger on. She calls him multiple times from her seat, shrieking in joy when he waves at her from near the cockpit, dressed in his uniform and aviators. Watch here.

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