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Kishwar Chowdhury Changes Every Bengali’s Take On ‘Panta Bhat’ Forever

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Kishwar Chowdhury Panta Bhat recipe: Kishwar Chowdhury serving Panta Bhaat on the final episode of MasterChef Australia will change every Bengali’s taken for granted attitude towards Panta Bhaat forever.

Multicuisine restaurants and seven-star eateries offering “fermented rice” with onion garnishing make some of us wonder why would anyone pay for that? Well, the Bangladesh origin mother of two took a majorly neglected dish to the next level, shutting every troll about the dish ever.

Chowdhury serving Panta Bhat on the finale episode of the MasterChef Australia, although was much surprising and unexpected, was welcomed by netizens all over the world. Chowdhury was applauded for maintaining her uniqueness and representing the South Asian culture right from the first day of the show till the very last day.

Kishwar Chowdhury Panta Bhat: A Lesson

Although a lot of noise has been caused due to Chowdhury serving the naive yet significant dish on an International platform, the recipe of the same is not as simple as one might believe. As always, Chowdhury used her personal touch in the recipe, making it hands down extraordinary. Read more about her dishes here.

Panta Bhat is usually prepared by soaking leftover rice in water overnight.  Apart from its taste, it is very prevalent among the Bengalis because it’s economically convenient to make. It is also a great fit for health.

Chowdhury coupled the pretty basic panta Bhat-aloo bhorta with Sardines to make it phenomenal. She explained that she used white soy sauce, cumin, ginger and coriander to marinate the Sardines.

On the top of the sardines, she placed a salsa of onions, coriander and other veggies. One of the judges said on the contrast between the tasteless Aloo Bhorta and salsa sardines, “a beautiful contrast between the beautiful pillowy potato, the rice, the smoked water and then that oily fish with a crust.”

While another judge said that the sardines were cooked to perfection and the salsa sitting on top of it was limey, oniony and coriandery.

However, judge Melissa Leong adhered to complimenting the rice more than the complementary sides. She said, “To have the heart and soul of the dish be something as simple as rice and water and seasoning. It is powerful with history as well as flavour.”

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