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Kate Bush Finally Reveals What Her Song “Running Up That Hill” Is About

kate bush running up that hill
Kate Bush’s Running Up That Hill song has gone viral since it was featured in season 4 of the popular Sci-Fi series Stranger Things. The singer has been asked about the meaning of the song many times before. This time, Bush revealed that the song isn’t about literally running up a hill in an interview which has gone viral.

Running Up That Hill by Kate Bush originally came out in 1985 in her fifth studio album Hounds of Love. At that time, the song was received well by the audience and it made it to No 3 on UK Singles Chart and No 30 on Billboard Hot 100 in the US. The song recently regained attention as it was featured in Stranger Things Season 4 as Max’s favourite song which helps her escape the powers of Vecna. As a result,  song re-entered the UK Singles Chart as No. 1 and the Billboard Hot 100 as No. 8, a stupendous improvement in its reception since 1985.

Kate Bush Running Up That Hill Viral Interview

An amusing interview of the English songwriter and singer behind this song has surfaced on the internet where she addressed the long-debated meaning of the song. “Some think it’s about literally running up a hill, but it’s not.” She further mentioned that she has never even seen a hill “let alone run up one.”

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Sadie Sink as Max in Stranger Things 4.

When the interviewer was unable to comprehend that Bush had never seen a hill, he asked her to take a look at one outside the window, to which she replied, “I won’t be doing that. Please continue the interview without anymore hill questions.”

The interview has left netizens taking a dig at the singer over her hilarious replies. A Twitter user was amused at what Bush had mentioned and said, “Lol did Kate Bush live in the flat urban landscape like Melbourne? Love her refusal to entertain the idea of real hills. Tremendous. Tenacity. No hills. Ever. Never mention them. And lol the interviewer couldn’t continue. They just got stuck on hills. Why?” Another Twitter user wrote, “I don’t understand why she thinks she can say something like “I’ve never seen a hill” and not expect the rest of the interview to be focused on that.”

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