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Facebook Deletes Woman’s Comment ‘Why Are Men So Dumb’, Blocks Her For Hate Speech

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Facebook deletes comment: A Michigan woman was temporarily blocked on Facebook after she commented “why are men so dumb” on a meme suggesting men’s inability to spot the difference among nuanced shades of purple. Reportedly, Facebook deleted the comment and punished the user for “hate speech”.

Candace King commented on the meme which stated that men are dumb to not understand the difference between two similar shades of purple while any woman could easily tell they are different shades.

According to reports, her comment was deleted five seconds after she posted the same and was soon blocked from the platform under hate speech guidelines. Apparently, King’s comment went against the community guidelines.

King On Being Banned: At First, I Thought It Was A Joke

King said in a report by Fox News, “At first I thought it was a joke, I’m like ‘yeah right I’m blocked … what?”

She added, “I posted on there ‘this is a different colour, why are men so stupid’ and then five seconds later, the comment just disappeared and I was like ‘what’s going on?”

Since Facebook is rife with far worse insults and dangerous content, including anti-vaccination conspiracy and far-right extremists theorists among others. Hence, King was surprised when she found herself blocked.

However, King believes that the platform’s automated moderation was what has caused the ban and had it been moderated manually.

Contesting Facebook’s Disciplinary Actions

It is possible for one to challenge any disciplinary action on Facebook. However, when King clicked the link to contest, she was told that “they don’t have anybody reviewing it due to the COVID-19 situation”.

King was back on the platform after serving her 24-hour ban. She clarified that she is definitely not a man-hater. However, she will have to be more careful henceforth as Facebook gave her the warning that if she repeats the same, the punishment will be more severe.