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You Saw Her Hula Hoop In A Saree. Now Watch Eshna Kutty Play With Fire

eshna kutty fire hula hoop
Eshna Kutty fire hula hoop video is the next big sensation on the internet, as netizens are floored once again by the dancer’s skills.

An eye-popping video the 24-year-old shared to her Instagram on Monday shows her playing with two fiery hula hoops as a crowd circles her, watching on.

“I’ve had more injuries in a dance class pulling or tearing a muscle than I’ve had burns from fire hooping. It’s as dangerous as you’re careless but it can be liberating if you just have the right precautions and measures checklisted,” she wrote alongside her fire hooping reel.

“You got this! It’s exactly like your basic hoop but just warmer and fuzzier and noisier lol,” Kutty added, urging aspiring hula hoopers to take a chance on their dreams.

Eshna Kutty Fire Hula Hoop And Other Viral Videos: Know Her Story

A Delhi University graduate, Kutty shot to national fame last year during COVID-19 lockdown when a video of her tapping her shoe-fitted feet to the beats of a Delhi-6 song went viral on the internet. Her ‘saree flow’ hula hooping video was the source of infectious energy and positive vibes for thousands online.

Watch here:

Kutty also takes classes for students looking to learn the art of hula hooping. In an interview with SheThePeople earlier this year, she said, “I think what has kept me and even my students motivated is the fact that these classes haven’t primarily been about learning a new skill… a lot of my stress has been on building a community.”

Speaking on her viral Sasuraal Genda Phool saree hooping video, she impressed on the kind of fusion she was aiming at: “Just that deep desire to see other Indian women try hula hooping. It is such an unknown thing anyway and I felt that adding something familiar like a saree would be pretty interesting.”

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