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Cop Rescues Alligator Who Came For “Surprise Visit”, Netizens React To Her Bravery

Woman rescues alligator
Woman Rescues Alligator: The Pinellas Country Sheriff’s office in Florida took to their official Facebook account to share a shocking incident on April 24, an alligator swimming in the backyard pool of a resident.

An alligator was spotted at a resident’s backyard pool. The surprise visit of the reptile was loved by netizens as it safely rescued by Deputy Heather Harris. The post that shows the alligator being rescued from the pool by an officer from the Sherriff’s office garnered over 2,200 reactions and more than 2,000 shares.

The caption read, “Thinking about taking a swim on a Saturday? Make sure there isn’t a gator inside the pool first! Deputy Heather Harris had to play lifeguard and kick this guy out of the pool. It’s just another interesting day in Tampa Bay!”

Woman Rescues Alligator From Pool: Netizens React

While the post was taken lightly by many, thanking the officer for rescuing the reptile, others expressed their concern regarding the situation.

A Facebook user wrote, “I regularly check for companies before swimming. I’ve yet to have a gator but routinely have snakes!” wrote Facebook user. Another user wrote, “He was just savouring a dip in the pool! No harm”.

Users also appreciated the cop’s bravery and wrote comments like, “What a super brave officer she is!! This must fall under “other duties as assigned!!” Whew!!”, “Tip of the cap to Deputy Harris…Stay Safe” and “Outstanding job, Deputy Harris! Kind of gives a whole new perspective to “Take a bite out of crime.”