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Best Surprise Ever! Grandma Who Wanted Barbie All Her Life Finally Gifted One: Watch

barbie doll surprise video

Barbie doll surprise video: It is often the simplest things in life that are enough to invoke happiness in people. Nostalgia-washed memories, revival of lost dreams, unexpected small joys – the measure of delight they bring is inexpressible.

This is exactly what happened with this grandma, who had lifelong wanted a Barbie doll, when she received a surprise package from her granddaughter. A video of Dona Carmoza from Brazil doing rounds online shows her euphoric, deeply emotional reaction to receiving a doll in her older years.

The clip has won and warmed many hearts on Twitter. Watch here

Barbie Doll Surprise Video Is An Internet Hit: Other Viral Sensations

With parts of the world still locked down as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to rage, heartwarming videos online have been a lifebuoy to happier moments for people with access to the internet. In past months, several such videos and stories featuring older women have captured the attention of netizens.

In May this year, the video of a grandma striking a clean bowl dressed in her saree invited wide cheers on the internet. Last year, a woman brought in her 93rd birthday by shaking a leg to a Bollywood song, dressed in party gear (birthday cap, et al), a video of which was a hit on social media.

Meanwhile, many other older women are coming through as icons of inspiration by pursuing long-lost dreams in their lives’ second innings.

67-year-old Usha Lodaya completed her girlhood dream of pursuing a PhD in June this year, after half a century of first aspiring towards it before marriage and adult responsibilities happened to her. 83-year-old Kiran Bai, on the other hand, to stay fit at her age can deadlift weights barefoot and in her saree. Read about more older women who have wowed thousands with their stories that prove dreams and happiness don’t see age.