Wedding Vs Career- This Young Bride Proved How Women Can Have Both

wedding vs career
With time, we are seeing more and more women seamlessly juggling multiple roles and not being confined to specific gender expectations. One such woman is Shivangi Bagthariya. Hailing from Rajkot, the young bride sat down to write her college exam clad in her wedding dress. But just why did Bagthariya have to appear in her exams in her wedding attire? That’s because one of her exams fell on the day of her wedding and she didn’t miss out on any of the two.

According to Shivangi’s family, they had even considered postponing the wedding. However, they later decided to just delay it so that the bride could write her exam. A photo of Shivangi, writing her exam while clad in her wedding finery and jewellery eventually went viral. When people read her story, they couldn’t stop applauding the bride and her dear ones for ensuring that she didn’t miss out on education, even on her wedding day.

A woman doesn’t have to keep aside her career aspirations for her married life, and Indian brides like Shivangi make sure society knows that. All they need is a strong support system and they wouldn’t have to see wedding and exams as two separate choices, but as mere chores that happen to fall on the same day.

Mobility service provider Uber recently came out with an ad that captures this conquer-all spirit of our desi brides. In this advertisement, we see a bride hail an Uber Moto to ride across narrow lanes and jam-packed roads to make it to her exam on time.

We are proud to celebrate stories of brides like Shivangi and share their journeys widely as they capture all the change young women bring about in society today. These brides not only inspire other women around them, but also that of the next generation. Uber Celebrates these ambitious women who are not scared to take up challenges despite knowing how they could test their limits.

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