Vidya Basarkod Appointed As Country Director For India For Ramboll

Vidya Basarkod has been appointed as Ramboll's Country Director for India.

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Vidya Basarkod has been appointed as Ramboll's Country Director of India
Ramboll, an engineering, architecture and consultancy company,  announced the appointment of Vidya Basarkod as the Country Director for India. Basarkod is a civil engineer by profession. She also holds a degree of Masters in Structural Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai. In the year 2016, Basarkod joined Ramboll.

In the new role, Basarkod's prime responsibilities will include executing India's business strategy, key account management and leading cross-functional collaboration. Further, she will also be continuing her service as the Director of Ramboll's Gurugram-based Engineering Centre.

Basarkod was responsible for the Engineering Centre of Ramboll's global business, which was established in the year 2014. She brings over 35 years of work experience to her new role at Ramboll.

Richard Beard the Managing director for Ramboll's Middle East and the Asia Pacific region announced the appointment of Vidya Basarkod. He said, "Our business in India is of strategic importance to Ramboll globally and with the promotion of Vidya, strengthening the current leadership team, I am confident we will continue to achieve our long-term growth aspirations."

Basarkod spoke about her additional responsibility as the Country Director of India. She told that India's importance in Ramboll's growth plans gives her a high degree of confidence to take on this role for the next phase of their strategic journey, with a stronger focus on their customers and their transformation. She further added that she is looking forward to working and acting collectively as one team to define and execute their business priorities.

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