Why Long-Form Content Is Thriving On Audio Streaming Platforms Such As Spotify

Apart from authenticity, long-form audio content also provides listeners with an in-depth perspective on trending issues - entertainment, crime, politics and fiction.

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How much time does it take for you to get hooked on to (or to lose interest) in video and audio content? If your answer is “a few seconds”, then you are not in the minority. As a result, brands and influencers seek ways to engage with their consumers and fans through maximum content, in the minimum time. While several social media platforms are focusing on 30-, 60-, or 90-second content, the audio industry has been encouraging listeners to go beyond seconds and spend time exploring the depth, layers, and diversity of content.

Audio is one of the most dynamic spaces in entertainment today. Across the world and in India, women are playing an important role behind the scenes and in front of the mic to drive the narrative in audio, ranging from music to podcasts. It’s content that keeps listeners coming back for more, and investing beyond a few seconds when they do.

According to singer and reality television star Asees Kaur, the audio industry is playing an important role in growing the consumption of long-form, and paving a path to keep it relevant for listeners. "Another very important aspect for me has been music videos - those have been essential in breaking through the short form video format of social media, and focusing on the entire melody,” she adds.

And, while the lack of visuals may seem to take away the appeal of content, it could also mean unwavering attention from the audience. Ananthi Iyappan, a popular RJ and talk show host, believes that “content is king” is the right phrase for the audio medium. She says that content creators can enrich listeners with deep thoughts and perspectives when they don’t provide any visual distractions. She adds, "Nothing beats the authenticity when you talk about something as and when it happens, without waiting for the perfect lighting or camera to document it. The pauses, the intonations, the rhythm, the silence, the dialect when you speak unfiltered are all magic when infused together. Podcasts are a medium where you can get emotionally intimate with your audience.”

Apart from authenticity, audio content also provides listeners with an in-depth perspective on trending issues - entertainment, crime, politics and fiction. Akanksha Thapliyal Bhatt, the founder of audio production company Audio Vaani, has worked in radio for five years and has been in the world of podcasts for three. She feels that the wave of podcasting and the emergence of platforms such as Spotify have paved the way for long-format content such as audio dramas and non-fiction shows that feature long conversations and debates. "Listeners are spoilt for choice, and they can choose their favourite genres and consume content that is relatable", she said.

Choices also come from the fact that consumers from across the world can stream their favourite artists and podcasters in preferred languages, anytime and anywhere. As popular Haryanavi musician Renuka Panwar says, “Although I usually create regional music, I feel humbled to have a significant fan base in the USA, Pakistan, and beyond. I enjoy this aspect of being an artist because it allows me to put all of my efforts - which often take months of labour - out there, and see how the listeners respond.”

The article has been posted in collaboration with Spotify for their campaign AmplifiHer.

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